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  • Chasing Sophia

    Chasing Sophia
    Lilian Calles Barger

    I will be giving every one of them a copy of this book, which provocatively suggests that the Christian story can address women's longings for a spirituality that is at once feminine and Christian." —Lauren F. Winner, author, Real Sex and …

  • Dwelling in the Land

    Dwelling in the Land
    Jeanette Howard

    Some gay Christians have sought healing. Others have turned away from a conservative interpretation of the biblical texts. Others have remained celibate and invested their lives in Christian service.

  • Vivir la castidad es posible

    Vivir la castidad es posible
    Vv. Aa.

    La educación sexual de niños y jóvenes, el celibato, el matrimonio, la homosexualidad y la castidad en la tercera edad, son los distintos aspectos que este folleto presenta de forma asequible para el gran público.

  • Teaching Places

    Teaching Places
    Audrey J. Whitson

    Genealogists, geologists, students, and instructors of natural history and theology will find this book of great value in their study and in their courses.

  • Sex Moral Teaching and the Unity of the Church

    Sex, Moral Teaching, and the Unity of the Church
    Timothy F. Sedgwick

    The right question, Sedgwick maintains, is how do we teach morals and order our life accordingly? This book evolved from his work over the last decade addressing same-sex issues in the national church.

  • Media Religion and Gender

    Media, Religion and Gender
    Mia Lövheim

    The book:surveys the development of research on media, religion and culture through the lens of key theoretical and methodological issues and debates within gender studies.includes case studies drawn from a variety of countries and contexts …

  • In crisi Coppie alla fine del tunnel

    In crisi. Coppie alla fine del tunnel
    Maddalena Petrillo Triggiano

  • Gender d istruzione

    Gender (d)istruzione
    Gianfranco Amato

    In questa sua ultima opera l’amico Gianfranco Amato ha dimostrato coraggio. È davvero preziosa questa accurata e documentata ricostruzione del tentativo di indottrinamento operato nelle scuole italiane” (dalla prefazione di mons.

  • Mitzvah Girls

    Mitzvah Girls
    Ayala Fader

    Mitzvah Girls is the first book about bringing up Hasidic Jewish girls in North America, providing an in-depth look into a closed community.

  • Hy wen sy wen eBoek

    Hy wen, sy wen (eBoek)
    Willard F. Harley jr.

    Die model wat hier voorgestel word, is een waar albei huweliksmaats wen. Willard F. Harley moedig almal aan om nooit iets te doen sonder die entoesiastiese instemming van albei huweliksmaats nie.

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