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  • Japan s Modern Prophet

    Japan’s Modern Prophet
    John F. Howes

    Through this exceptional man's life, John Howes charts what it meant to live during the introduction of Christianity to Japan.

  • Shinto Norito

    Shinto Norito
    Ann Llewellyn Evans

    Shinto Norito: A Book of Prayers is the first book to present not only an English translation of ancient Shinto prayers, but also the romanized Japanese pronunciation.

  • The Origin of Modern Shinto in Japan

    The Origin of Modern Shinto in Japan
    Yijiang Zhong

    Yijiang Zhong analyses the formation of Shinto as a complex and diverse religious tradition in early modern and Meiji Japan, 1600-1868.

  • Historical Dictionary of Shinto

    Historical Dictionary of Shinto
    Stuart D. B. Picken

    Scholars and students will find the overviews and sources for further research provided by this book to be enormously helpful.

  • Women of the Sacred Groves

    Women of the Sacred Groves
    Susan Sered

    Susan Sered spent a year living in Henza, an Okinawan fishing village, joining priestesses as they conducted rituals in the sacred groves located deep in the jungle-covered mountains surrounding the village.

  • Jesus A Master Teacher

    Jesus – A Master Teacher
    Roy Pitcher

    Jesus – a Master Teacher by Roy Pitcher Synopsis for cover The success of Jesus as a teacher is both proverbial and fascinating – especially for a teacher…..but can his many strategies and methods go beyond religious teaching and be …

  • Norito

    Donald L. Philippi

    This volume presents the only English translation of the prayers of Japan's indigenous religious tradition, Shinto. These prayers, norito, are works of religious literature that are basic to our understanding of Japanese religious history.

  • The Scientification of Religion

    The Scientification of Religion
    Kocku von Stuckrad

    The enigmatic relation between religion and science still presents a challenge to European societies and to ideas about what it means to be ‘modern.’ This book argues that European secularism, rather than pushing back religious truth …

  • Enduring Identities

    Enduring Identities
    John K. Nelson, John Kenneth Nelson

    Through an investigation of one of Japan's most important and venerated Shinto shrines, Kamo Wake Ikazuchi Jinja (more commonly Kamigamo Jinja), the book addresses what appears through Western and some Asian eyes to be an exotic and …

  • Mountain Mandalas

    Mountain Mandalas
    Allan G. Grapard

    This book includes detailed analyses of the geography of sacred sites, translations from many original texts, and discussions on rituals and social practices.

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