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  • Meal by Meal

    Meal by Meal
    Donald Altman

    Meal by Meal is a book of comfort, guidance, and insight for anyone with an unhealthy relationship with food.

  • Return to Rome

    Return to Rome
    Francis J. Beckwith

    This provocative book details Beckwith's journey, focusing on his internal dialogue between the Protestant theology he embraced for most of his adult life and Catholicism.

  • The Way Things Are

    The Way Things Are
    Huston Smith

    In his most accessible and personal book to date, Smith discusses "the spiritual life" with well known writers and luminaries. This is the closest to a Smith memoir ever published.

  • Bamso


    Presented in an engaging yet instructive manner, this book will captivate fans of Carlos Castaneda and Paulo Coelho.

  • The Mystical Language of Icons

    The Mystical Language of Icons
    Solrunn Nes

    This lavishly illustrated guide to iconography explains through words and pictures the history, meaning, and purpose of Christian icons as well as the traditional methods that religious painters use to create these luminous, spiritually …

  • A Time for Leaving

    A Time for Leaving
    Mary Fahy, John Inserra

    In this parable of hope, a young tree facing her first autumn experiences resistance and fear as she realizes she will soon be losing her magnificent leaves.

  • The Spirituality of Welcoming

    The Spirituality of Welcoming
    Ron Wolfson

    In this empowering, practical guide, Dr. Ron Wolfson shows you how to transform your synagogue congregation into a sacred community by focusing on strategies for successful change.

  • Beyond the Mushroom Cloud

    Beyond the Mushroom Cloud
    Yuki Miyamoto

    This monograph explores the ethics and religious sensibilities of a group of the hibakusha (survivors) of 1945's atomic bombings.

  • Fits Trances Visions

    Fits, Trances, & Visions
    Ann Taves

    In this sweeping work of religious and psychological history, Ann Taves explores the myriad ways in which believers and detractors interpreted these complex experiences in Anglo-American culture between the mid-eighteenth and early …

  • Pointing Out the Great Way

    Pointing Out the Great Way
    Daniel P. Brown

    This spiritual manual describes mahamudra meditation from the perspective of the “gradual path,” a progressive process of training that is often contrasted to sudden realization.

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