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  • The Homo Spiritus Sessions Vol 1

    The Homo Spiritus Sessions, Vol. 1
    Veronica Torres, Eloheim and The Council

    It's not WHY is this happening? It's WOW this is happening! This subtle shift of language facilitates a huge shift in perspective. Experiences are here to facilitate growth, expansion, and transformation.

  • O Caminho da Sabedoria

    O Caminho da Sabedoria
    Daniel Marques

    Diferenciando as expressões duma emoção tão forte e poderosa, pretende-se elucidar para a importância de uma vivência de boa ética, como o caminho correto para a obtenção da felicidade; 9º Ciclo: Neste ciclo são abordados os …

  • Divine Journey

    Divine Journey
    Marc Lloyd Hensen

    The book explores the implications and applications of the teachings of the Baha i Faith and how they relate to the individual on a personal level and to society and the world on a global level, while examining the reciprocal relationship …

  • Awake Arise and Triumph

    Awake, Arise and Triumph
    David R. Wood

    It is a book about how they feel about the loves, family, friends, and pets in and out of their lives. I wrote this book by asking people if they wanted to be in the book, and whom or what did they want me to write about.

  • A Guide to Spiritual Dimensions

    A Guide to Spiritual Dimensions
    La Nelle Sanders-Bautista

    La Nelle draws you into a world that exists all around us, a world of Spirits, Energy and Angels. She began logging all her experiences and has put them together in this book to share with others.

  • A Heritage in Crisis

    A Heritage in Crisis
    Ralph K. Hawkins

    A Heritage in Crisis introduces the background of this "identity crisis," evaluates nine specific issues that threaten to divide the Churches of Christ today–such as worship styles and women's roles–and suggests changes Churches in Christ …

  • Building Blocks to Great Faith

    Building Blocks to Great Faith
    John Gondeck

    God has a plan for you, to do you good and not harm.

  • O Caminho para a Consciência

    O Caminho para a Consciência
    Daniel Marques

    Estes pensamentos transmitem uma sabedoria em particular, um caminho com alusão às mais pertinentes áreas da vida, para favorecer a consciência do indivíduo e a obtenção da sua felicidade.

  • A New Biology of Religion

    A New Biology of Religion
    Michael Steinberg

    This study provides a fresh look at the debate between science and religion that documents how the experiences produced by spiritual practice are surprisingly consistent with the findings of modern biology, despite the difficulty in …

  • A Real Life Christian Spiritual Journey

    A Real Life Christian Spiritual Journey
    Richard Ferguson

    This is a very enlightening book that breaks new ground for those who wish to stretch their spiritual wings based on real life spiritual experiences.

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