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  • La fuga del no ser

    La fuga del no ser
    Rogelio Rovira

    Buenaventura de Bagnorea lo expresó bellamente: Dios, «el ser purísimo, no se presenta al entendimiento sino poniendo totalmente en fuga al no ser».

  • Anne Smith s Journal 1933 1939

    Anne Smith’s Journal, 1933-1939
    Dick B.

    Dick B.'s second great discovery concerned the contents of the spiritual journal that Anne Ripley Smith had kept, shared, and used to teach Bill W., other AAs, and their families the underlying principles of A.A. The notebook lay unnoticed …

  • The Physics of Theism

    The Physics of Theism
    Jeffrey Koperski

    The text is ideal for both students and scholars, providing the appropriate level of explanation of arguments to provide a starting point for research, while at the same time delivering an important contribution to current scholarship.

  • Il Cristo sconosciuto dell induismo Verso una cristofania ecumenica

    Il Cristo sconosciuto dell’induismo. Verso una cristofania ecumenica
    Raimon Panikkar

  • God Modality and Morality

    God, Modality, and Morality
    William E. Mann

    William E. Mann presents a philosophically defensible conception of the deity found in the Abrahamic religions. The book draws insights from such figures as Augustine, Philo, Aquinas, Leibniz, and contemporary philosophers.

  • The Divine Lawmaker

    The Divine Lawmaker
    John Foster

    John Foster presents a clear and powerful discussion of a range of topics relating to our understanding of the universe: induction, laws of nature, and the existence of God.

  • The Good and the Good Book

    The Good and the Good Book
    Samuel Fleischacker

    Samuel Fleischacker offers a powerful defence of revealed religion, and reconciles it with science and liberal morality.

  • God All That Matters Video eBook Enhanced Edition

    God: All That Matters Video eBook (Enhanced Edition)
    Mark Vernon

    In this book: 'Mark Vernon writes with sharp insight and a generous understanding of how humans search and create meanings to sustain their lives' – Madeleine Bunting, Guardian.

  • Belief Without Borders

    Belief Without Borders
    Linda A. Mercadante

    Many of these people are seekers who self-identify as ''spiritual but not religious (SBNR).'' In Belief without Borders, theologian Linda Mercadante, once an SBNR herself, sets out to find them and let them speak for themselves.

  • Kierkegaard s Writings XXVI

    Kierkegaard’s Writings, XXVI

    The final volume of Princeton's Kierkegaard's Writings series, the Cumulative Index provides wide-ranging navigation to the preceding twenty-five volumes.

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