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  • A Arte de Pregar um Serm o Expositivo

    A Arte de Pregar um Sermão Expositivo
    Paschoal Piragine Jr, Adoniran Melo

    Em "A Arte de Pregar um Sermão Expositivo" você conhecerá e aprenderá algumas formas ou estilos de sermões mais usados nos púlpitos brasileiros.

  • Original Sin

    Original Sin
    Tatha Wiley

    Theologian Tatha Wiley methodically traces the emergence and initial function of the doctrine of Original Sin, then follows its rich development through the patristic and medieval centuries, and pays particular attention to modern ideas …

  • In the Likeness of Sinful Flesh

    In the Likeness of Sinful Flesh
    Thomas Weinandy

    In studying the humanity of Jesus, this book argues that in the Incarnation, Jesus assumed not some ideal humanity but humanity with all its sinfulness.

  • The Trinitarian Axiom of Karl Rahner

    The Trinitarian Axiom of Karl Rahner
    Dennis W. Jowers

    The widely-accepted Grundaxiom of Karl Rahner's doctrine of the Trinity functions in contemporary theology as a means of reconciling seemingly contradictory claims.

  • La morte del figlio

    La morte del figlio
    Durrwell, Francois-Xavier

    Queste pagine vogliono portare un contributo alla teologia del mistero pasquale.

  • Three Faiths One God

    Three Faiths, One God
    Jacob Neusner, Bruce D. Chilton, William Albert Graham

    In systematic descriptions, three of today's leading scholars detail the classical theologies of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and the authoritative texts of those theologies.

  • Rethinking Greek Religion

    Rethinking Greek Religion
    Julia Kindt

    Explores 'polis religion' – a leading paradigm in current studies on ancient Greek religion – and shows ways of moving beyond it.

  • Method in Theology

    Method in Theology
    Bernard Lonergan

    The papers deal with scientific, mathematical, theological, and philosophical questions, including discussions of such topics as the proper foundation of metaphysics, the form of inference, the nature of love and marriage, and the role of …

  • Resounding Truth

    Resounding Truth
    Jeremy Begbie

    This vital work is poised to energize and strengthen the entire Christian community." –John D. Witvliet, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship "This book resounds with the thoughtful, dynamic, and always engaging voice of Jeremy Begbie.

  • The College Student s Introduction to Christology

    The College Student’s Introduction to Christology
    William P. Loewe

    By surveying Jesus's life in light of the Easter experience, and by tracing the Christology process–the process whereby Christians seek to capture and communicate in words Jesus's impact–this work grasps current Christian, and especially …

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