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  • Theosophy Or Psychological Religion

    Theosophy Or Psychological Religion
    F. Max Müller

    First presented as a lecture series, this 1893 publication argues for the necessity of historical method in understanding religious phenomena.

  • Blackboard Drawings 1919 1924

    Blackboard Drawings 1919-1924
    Rudolf Steiner

    "Did Rudolf Steiner dream these things?

  • The Challenge of the Times

    The Challenge of the Times
    Rudolf Steiner

    Contents: "East and West from a Spiritual Point of View" "The Present from the Viewpoint of the Present" "The Mechanistic, Eugenic, and Hygienic Aspects of the Future" "Social and Antisocial Instincts" "Specters of the Old Testament in the …

  • Rudolf Steiner s Vision of Love

    Rudolf Steiner’s Vision of Love
    Bernard Nesfield-Cookson

    "Gathering together references to the 'logic of the heart' from throughout Steiner's work, the author encapsulates the great teacher's revelations on the meaning of love, and indicates the supreme importance of the greatest of all deeds of …

  • Marie Steiner

    Marie Steiner
    Hans Peter van Manen

    “En una ocasión la conferencia se iba a dar en una isla, y con este motivo crucé el fiordo con él y con Fräulein von Sivers, en el mismo barco.

  • The Secret Sayings of Ye Su

    The Secret Sayings of Ye Su
    Jay G. Williams

    Although undoubtedly ancient, the work seems amazingly contemporary in its ideas, offering a unique and quite radical vision of Ye Su (Jesus) and his teachings.

  • The Astral Plane

    The Astral Plane
    C. W. Leadbeater

    One of the best known mystics of the 20th Century reveals secrets of the higher worlds and what can be found there. Contains a large amount of surprising information, highly recommended for those seeking what lies beyond the physical.

  • Founding a Science of the Spirit

    Founding a Science of the Spirit
    Rudolf Steiner, Matthew Barton

    Previously published as At the Gates of Spiritual Science, these lectures offer a fine introduction to the whole of Rudolf Steiner's teaching, as well as including valuable material which is not to be found elsewhere.

  • The Occult World

    The Occult World
    Christopher Partridge

    This volume presents students and scholars with a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of the occult.

  • Initiation Science

    Initiation Science
    Rudolf Steiner

    In the final section, Rudolf Steiner discusses: ‘The past, present and future development of the human mind’.

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