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  • Marie Steiner

    Marie Steiner
    Hans Peter van Manen

    “En una ocasión la conferencia se iba a dar en una isla, y con este motivo crucé el fiordo con él y con Fräulein von Sivers, en el mismo barco.

  • The Secret Sayings of Ye Su

    The Secret Sayings of Ye Su
    Jay G. Williams

    Although undoubtedly ancient, the work seems amazingly contemporary in its ideas, offering a unique and quite radical vision of Ye Su (Jesus) and his teachings.

  • The Occult World

    The Occult World
    Christopher Partridge

    This volume presents students and scholars with a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of the occult.

  • Toward Imagination

    Toward Imagination
    Rudolf Steiner

    Contents: 1. The Immortality of the I 2. Blood and Nerves 3. The Twelve Human Senses 4. The Human Organism through the Incarnations 5. Balance in Life 6. The Feeling for Truth 7. Toward Imagination

  • Percepciones Humanas

    Percepciones Humanas
    Maurício Baldissin

    Las neurociencias vislumbran ya su existencia, más allá de estos cinco sentidos y percepciones humanas. La investigación en neurociencias también apunta a que el desempeño de las percepciones humanas va más allá de ellos.

  • The Mystical Life of Franz Kafka

    The Mystical Life of Franz Kafka
    June O. Leavitt

    June O. Leavitt offers a fascinating examination of the mystical in Franz Kafka's life and writings, showing that Kafka's understanding of the occult was not only a product of his own clairvoyant experiences but of the age in which he lived …

  • Isis Unveiled

    Isis Unveiled
    Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

    This new edition abridged by Theosophical scholar Michael Gomes breathes fresh life into this classic of Western esoteric thinking.

  • Madame Blavatsky

    Madame Blavatsky
    Gary Lachman

    Gary Lachman, the acclaimed spiritual biographer behind volumes such as Rudolf Steiner and Jung the Mystic, brings us an in-depth look at Blavatsky, objectively exploring her unique and singular contributions toward introducing Eastern and …

  • Karmic Relationships Esoteric Studies Volume 1

    Karmic Relationships: Esoteric Studies, Volume 1
    Rudolf Steiner

    In this first volume (an essential foundation for understanding the following seven volumes), Steiner presents an overview of the laws and conditions of karma, and to illustrate those principles, he considers the incarnations of Nietzsche, …

  • Milestones

    T. H. Meyer

    Such disharmonies can only be healed, says Meyer, by seeing the reality. This book serves as an essential guide to understanding the task of anthroposophy in the modern world.

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