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  • The New Cain

    The New Cain
    T.H. Meyer

    Who was Cain and what does he represent? The first part of this book invites us to revise the traditional, biblical, view of Cain as his brother’s murderer.

  • Steiner s Theosophy and Principles of Spiritual Science

    Steiner’s Theosophy and Principles of Spiritual Science
    Carl Unger

    For those who want to "crack" this book and are willing to work, Carl Unger's commentary will prove enlightening and help the reader penetrate beyond an intellectual understanding of Steiner's seminal work.

  • From Bethlehem to Calvary

    From Bethlehem to Calvary
    Alice A. Bailey

    The life experience of the Master Jesus, including the Crucifixion, the Great Renunciation, is reflected in the life experience of all human beings.

  • Rudolf Steiner

    Rudolf Steiner
    Gary Lachman

    Finally, the book illustrates how Steiner's methods are put into practice today, and relates Steiner's insights into cosmology to the work of current thinkers.

  • Give Us This Day

    Give Us This Day
    Rufus Goodwin

    Should you ask for things when you pray? Do prayers change the world around us? Rufus Goodwin–writer, linguist, and former United Press correspondent to the Vatican–addresses these and other questions about prayer in this thoughtful book.

  • Vanguard of the New Age

    Vanguard of the New Age
    Gillian McCann

    Gillian McCann tells the story of a diverse group of occultists, temperance leaguers, and suffragettes who attempted to build a Utopian society based on spiritual principles.

  • Old Diary Leaves 1893 6

    Old Diary Leaves 1893-6
    Henry Steel Olcott

    Henry Steel Olcott relates the conflicts and tensions within the Theosophical Society that led to its split in 1895.

  • Insights From the Masters

    Insights From the Masters
    Fiona C. Odgren

    The Letters are currently held in the British Library, London, UK. With this compilation the author has taken what she considers to be the most interesting themes regarding esoteric knowledge presented by the Masters and made their …

  • New Life Mother and Child

    New Life – Mother and Child
    Angela Lord

    In the second part of New Life – Mother and Child, Angela Lord takes us on a journey through two thousand years of Christian art, covering Iconography, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

  • The Guardian of the Threshold and the Philosophy of Freedom

    The Guardian of the Threshold and the Philosophy of Freedom
    Sergei O. Prokofieff

    Sergei Prokofieff presents his insights to this little-researched question in the first part of this volume.

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