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  • The Good Retirement Guide 2017

    The Good Retirement Guide 2017
    Frances Kay, Allan Esler Smith

    Whether it is a relaxing, action-packed or financially rewarding retirement you are looking for, this is the book for you.

  • The Third Chapter

    The Third Chapter
    Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

    This is a chapter in life when the traditional norms, rules, and rituals of our careers seem less encompassing and restrictive; when many women and men seem to be embracing new challenges and searching for greater meaning in life.

  • The Decline of Life

    The Decline of Life
    Susannah R. Ottaway

    An important study of the history of ageing.

  • Mi cocina anti envejecimiento

    Mi cocina anti-envejecimiento
    Marie Borrel

    Recetas de cocina con virtudes anti-envejecimiento. 20 alimentos indispensables y 40 recetas sencillas y apetitosas para la cocina de cada día

  • The Blackberry Tea Club

    The Blackberry Tea Club
    Barbara Herrick

    These are the Glory Years for women, years that bring about the expansion and reorganizing of the mind, heart, and spirit, and the birthing of a larger self of immense compassion, intellect, will, spirit, love, and capability.

  • Til lykke om kunsten at bevare ungdommen

    Til lykke: om kunsten at bevare ungdommen
    Tabita Wulff

    Bliver man nogensinde for gammel til at forelske sig, have sex og til at drømme? Kan man finde positive sider i alderdommen, som ikke fandtes i ungdommen? Ja, selvfølgelig, svarer Tabita Wulff begejstret!

  • Looking Good Feeling Good

    Looking Good, Feeling Good
    Dr Bruce Miller

    For instance, while we cannot stop aging itself, we can arrest and in some cases even reverse the visible effects of aging. This book is loaded with all of the latest information on the nutrition and health of your hair, skin, and nails.

  • Successful Aging as a Contemporary Obsession

    Successful Aging as a Contemporary Obsession
    Sarah Lamb

    This book offers a fresh look at a major cultural and public health movement of our time, questioning what has become for many a taken-for-granted goal—aging in a way that almost denies aging itself.

  • Brain Fitness for Women

    Brain Fitness for Women
    Sondra Kornblatt

    In Brain Fitness for Women, health writer Sondra Kornblatt offers an entertaining look at how women’s brains work: the physiology of women’s brains, new research in neuroscience, the differences between women’s and men’s brains, and …

  • Can I tell you about Dementia

    Can I tell you about Dementia?
    Jude Welton

    With illustrations throughout, this useful book will be an ideal introduction to dementia for anyone from child to adult.

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