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  • Accidental Courage

    Accidental Courage
    Joe Kita

    Indeed, the majority of those with fear will never try to confront or conquer it. Instead, they'll make excuses and apologies, and just learn to live with it. Joe Kita was like that.

  • Getting Over OCD Second Edition

    Getting Over OCD, Second Edition
    Jonathan S. Abramowitz

    "Tens of thousands of readers are living freer, happier lives thanks to the clinically proven strategies in this book.

  • Post traumatic Stress

    Post-traumatic Stress
    Stephen Regel, Stephen Joseph

    Each book in this popular series offers practical advice about an illness or condition in a clear and accessible style, written by leading authorities in the field. —

  • THE MOTTOS OF LIFE Live a new life‚ Live in your new world‚ Gives you a new resolution in your life

    THE MOTTOS OF LIFE! (Live a new life…..Live in your new world….Gives you a new resolution in your life)
    Birister Sharma

    You always see the raising balloons in the open sky. Do you know why these balloons raise up in the air? This is because they are filled with hot air, and the hot air always helps the balloons to rise up in the air.

  • The Process

    The Process
    Gayle Gullick

    Do you or a loved one suffer with anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia or suicidal thoughts? Then perhaps this is the book for you.

  • Compelled

    Tim Blue, Ph.D.

    This is a book for anyone who has battled a mental illness – any mental illness – or for anyone who loves someone with a mental illness.

  • The Psychology of Jesus

    The Psychology of Jesus
    David W. Jones

    " In answering these questions, we come to understand God is where the sinners are and we should be where God is. I strongly recommend this book. Ann Bishop I read this book in a group setting over the course of several weeks.

  • Ipnosi e autoipnosi Nuove possibilit√ di affrontare l ansia il dolore lo stress e la depressione

    Ipnosi e autoipnosi. Nuove possibilit√† di affrontare l’ansia, il dolore, lo stress e la depressione
    Wolfgang Blohm

  • Caring For Your Mind

    Caring For Your Mind
    The Health-e-Buddy Team

    Caring For Your Mind is an eBook designed to provide clear, accessible information on each of these three conditions; including causes, symptoms and valuable advice on how to cope.


    Edward D. Andrews

    In this text, Andrews seeks to wash those lies with biblical truth by combining biblical counseling with cognitive-behavioral therapy "to better understand our human condition" and give readers tools to overcome these challenges.

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