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  • A Thousand Goodbyes

    A Thousand Goodbyes
    Jim Huber

    Celebrates the Christian faith, sharing recollections from the last months the author spent with his father and stories of athletes who have faced overwhelming odds or triumphed over personal tragedies.

  • Coming Home

    Coming Home
    Deborah Duda

    This step-by-step guide has been used to train hospice staff and volunteers for over two decades. Now Duda help you to create an experience that makes your loved one's final weeks as comfortable and meaningful as possible.

  • Grief You Can Survive It Here s How

    Grief You Can Survive It-Here’s How!
    Dr. Leslie Gorski

    You can survive the terrible event that has stolen your life. This book gives you the emotional map needed to steer you through and beyond the troubling, unchartered territory that is your loss and grief.

  • Tragedy Loss

    Tragedy & Loss
    Yma Orné Campbell

    Walter and Eunice were on vacation visiting their daughter in South Carolina.

  • Grieving with Hope

    Grieving with Hope
    Samuel J IV Hodges, Kathy Leonard

    Grieving with Hope had me at the very first page when the authors said, 'You are to be commended for using the precious little energy you have to read this book, because if you're grieving the death of a loved one or friend, you may feel …

  • Myths of the Afterlife Made Easy

    Myths of the Afterlife Made Easy
    Annamaria Hemingway

    Almost every religious mythology contains the primordial motif of death and rebirth and portrays the posthumous journey of the deceased following death.

  • Am I Supposed to Feel Like This

    Am I Supposed to Feel Like This?
    Yulee Schafer

    It is her hope that those who read this book and have suffered a loss feel less alone and more at ease with the process of grief.

  • Getting Beyond Tragedy

    Getting Beyond Tragedy
    J. Phillips Noble

    J. Phillips Noble in the years during and since his son Scott's illness and death from cancer, the book also includes essays written by Noble's wife and their children, making Getting Beyond Tragedy a work that speaks to all members of …

  • Eroticism


    After the death of her husband of many years, Olivia bravely followed her heart while passing through the many stages of adapting to life alone. Turning her back on loneliness, her curiosity led her to discover a new and wonderful world.

  • A Journey Through Grief

    A Journey Through Grief
    James McGee

    Being able to cook like an Italian takes more than just having Italian recipes.

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