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  • Beating the Blues

    Beating the Blues
    The Feel Good Factory, Elisabeth Wilson

    With a few minutes a day spent trying some of the techniques in this book you can rediscover the person that you know exists, deep down; the happier, more fulfilled you.

  • Jan s Rainbow

    Jan’s Rainbow
    Lindsay Collier

    He also tells about some other rather amazing experiences that he and his family have had following losses of other loved ones. These stories alone will make a believer out of you. But there is much more!

  • Heal your troubled mind

    Heal your troubled mind
    Infinite Ideas, Dr Sabina Dosani

    But who’s got the time to wade through this lot to sift the stuff that works from the rubbish? Heal your troubled mind cuts straight to the heart of the matter.

  • El yoga inconcebible extraordinario

    El yoga inconcebible extraordinario
    Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso

    La he presentado de manera sencilla para facilitar su comprensión y práctica. Las instrucciones tienen dos etapas: 1. Las prácticas preparatorias. 2. La práctica en sí del yoga inconcebible extraordinario.

  • Caring For Your Mind

    Caring For Your Mind
    The Health-e-Buddy Team

    Caring For Your Mind is an eBook designed to provide clear, accessible information on each of these three conditions; including causes, symptoms and valuable advice on how to cope.

  • Breast Cancer from a young woman s perspective

    Breast Cancer from a young woman’s perspective
    Contessa Jasper

    This is true insight inside the day and life a woman just in her very early 30's and a traumatic cancer diagnosis.

  • Ofrenda al Gu a Espiritual

    Ofrenda al Guía Espiritual
    Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso

    La Ofrenda al Guía Espiritual, en tibetano Lama Chopa, es un yoga especial del Guru Yhe Tsongkhapa en combinación con el tantra del yoga supremo.

  • Overcoming Depression and Spirit of Confusion

    Overcoming Depression and Spirit of Confusion
    Betty Mephors

    This book also takes you through a journey of extraordinary unexpected spiritual awakening in the end and you will never be the same after reading this book.

  • Happy You Happy Life

    Happy You Happy Life
    Jules Myers

    Happiness is something we all want and something we all deserve.

  • Hypnosis and Treating Depression Applications in Clinical Practice

    Hypnosis and Treating Depression: Applications in Clinical Practice
    Michael D. Yapko

    The book features chapter contributions by highly experienced and well-known experts on using hypnosis to treat specific forms of depression, with assessment and intervention strategies as well as sample transcripts of the use of hypnosis …

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