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  • Dream Revelations

    Dream Revelations
    Jana Sharaf

    The book aims to create an easy structure to interpret dreams, but dreams are a state of consciousness that is in continuous evolvement.

  • Dream Time with Children

    Dream Time with Children
    Brenda Mallon

    I would recommend this book, both for the subject material and the manner in which it is presented.' – Rostrum 'This is an enjoyable read by an author who has already written widely about children and grief ("Helping children manage loss").

  • Logistics of Dreaming

    Logistics of Dreaming
    Jerry DC Nelson

    Logistics of Dreaming is his way of sharing some of Mother Nature's brilliancies concerning the dreaming brain.


    Birister Sharma

    In this book, you would learn about the morals, wisdoms and knowledge of life which helps you to motivate and encourage in your life and guides you to the path of righteousness.

  • THE MOTTOS OF LIFE Live a new life‚ Live in your new world‚ Gives you a new resolution in your life

    THE MOTTOS OF LIFE! (Live a new life…..Live in your new world….Gives you a new resolution in your life)
    Birister Sharma

    You always see the raising balloons in the open sky. Do you know why these balloons raise up in the air? This is because they are filled with hot air, and the hot air always helps the balloons to rise up in the air.

  • Essential Papers on Dreams

    Essential Papers on Dreams
    Melvin Lansky

    This collection traces the history of psycho-analytically informed thinking about dreams, using selected contributions from Freud to the present to highlight both the legacy of The Interpretation of dreams and the evolving use of the dream …

  • A Dream Come True

    A Dream Come True
    David L. Kahn

    Here, in this friendly, down-to-earth guide to interpreting and even guiding your nighttime reveries, discover: . how emotions are the building blocks of your dreams. the strength to embrace the fears your dreams reveal. training your dream …

  • Vos Reves Peuvent Vous Sauver la Vie

    Vos Reves Peuvent Vous Sauver la Vie
    Anna Mancini

    Bien que nous percevions naturellement à travers notre corps et notre subconscient tous les dangers de notre environnement, nous ne savons plus utiliser ces perceptions pour assurer notre sécurité personnelle.

  • Mottoes of Life

    Mottoes of Life!
    Birister Sharma

    This book will guide you like a true mentor…. This book will help you to build your self-confidence… This book will teach you about the meaning of life… This book will motivate and encourage you in every walk of your life.

  • Dreaming Your Way to Pain Free Living

    Dreaming Your Way to Pain Free Living
    Neil McHugh

    In this book, you will learn to control your emotions, manage those negative internal voices, visualize, meditate and build the life you deserve by dreaming your way to pain free living and prosperity.

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