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  • Pensamientos

    Isabel Gomez-Bassols

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Night Light

    Night Light
    Amy E Dean

    Night Light's quotations, reflections, and simple prayers ease the loneliness, fear, and anxiety that can burden our nights so we can wake up and meet each new day refreshed and inspired.

  • Jugadores Anonimous Un Dia a la vez A Day At a Time Gamblers Anonymous

    Jugadores Anonimous Un Dia a la vez (A Day At a Time Gamblers Anonymous)

    An essential recovery tool for compulsive gamblers, the daily reflections and prayers in A Day at a Time offer us hope, support, and guidance throughout the year.

  • Open Up and Fly

    Open Up and Fly!
    Wendi Moore

    Open Up and Fly! contains very detailed descriptions and exercises for accessing this guidance. The 52 exercises in this book are given in succession from very beginner to intermediate.

  • Teach the Children Meditation

    Teach the Children Meditation
    Sally L. Harper

    This book is like aseries of lesson plans designed to teach meditation toindividuals and groups of children of all ages.

  • Opening to Meditation

    Opening to Meditation
    Diana Lang

    In Opening to Meditation, she demonstrates that meditating is as simple as breathing. There is no mystery to it.

  • You Can Say That Again

    You Can Say That Again!
    Bruce Rogers

    You Can Say That Again is Bruce Rogers’ light-hearted look at the the English language.

  • Inner Peace for Busy People EasyRead Super Large 20pt Edition

    Inner Peace for Busy People (EasyRead Super Large 20pt Edition)
    Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.

    Inner Peace for Busy People is the perfect book for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the pressures of work, finances, children, and other modern-day stressors.

  • Now That I Have Cancer I Am Whole

    Now That I Have Cancer, I Am Whole
    John Robert McFarland

    Throughout this moving account, survivor John McFarland shares his Everyman approach to everyday life with cancer in brief meditations full of unflinching honesty, humor, and optimism.

  • The Color of Light

    The Color of Light
    Perry Tilleraas

    These 366 daily meditations were written for those of us who are living with our own or a loved one's HIV or AIDS diagnosis, and offer acceptance and understanding.

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