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  • O Caminho da Sabedoria

    O Caminho da Sabedoria
    Daniel Marques

    Diferenciando as expressões duma emoção tão forte e poderosa, pretende-se elucidar para a importância de uma vivência de boa ética, como o caminho correto para a obtenção da felicidade; 9º Ciclo: Neste ciclo são abordados os …

  • Everything Is Unfolding in a loving and Harmonious Way

    Everything Is Unfolding in a loving and Harmonious Way
    Paul G. Kondes

    Jesus, the Master Teacher, expressed this spiritual law: “As you believe, so shall it be done unto you!” You will get a complete picture of their manifesting adventures and the principles they followed in creating a life where …

  • As I See It

    As I See It
    Tom Sullivan

    Sullivan has gleaned a number of gifts from his "affliction," including cultivating a sense of his own purpose, treasuring people without expectation, and celebrating his own uniqueness.

  • Nelson Mandela A purpose Fulfilled

    Nelson Mandela: A purpose Fulfilled
    Fomundam Eric Awandeh

    Nelson Mandela: A purpose Fulfilled Uniquely considers Mr. Mandela, not merely from a historical viewpoint, but in explaining him as a significant figure in history shows the reader how to benefit from his extraordinary life in his or her …

  • O Caminho para a Consciência

    O Caminho para a Consciência
    Daniel Marques

    Estes pensamentos transmitem uma sabedoria em particular, um caminho com alusão às mais pertinentes áreas da vida, para favorecer a consciência do indivíduo e a obtenção da sua felicidade.

  • God Signs

    God Signs
    Joan Bliss

    God really does speak to us, look for signs, you'll be amazed at ways He speaks to you!

  • I want to Fly where are my Wings

    I want to Fly, where are my Wings
    Rakesh Sidana

    I have written a book on this subject, how you can fly high. I want to fly, where are my wings This is motivational book which tells how you can be free from something which your mind has created.

  • A Case for Wisdom

    A Case for Wisdom
    Geoffrey Woods

    A Case for Wisdom describes how a relationship fueled by distrust and distance is ultimately transformed into a loving bond between father and son based on truth, kindness, and, most importantly, unconditional love.

  • From A to Z Feed Your Soul and Lose the Weight

    From A to Z Feed Your Soul and Lose the Weight
    Leanna Burns

    The purpose of this book is to feed both the proper nourishment in the proper amounts. The concept is a simple one. In fact all of the concepts or lessons in this book are simple.

  • Escape From Darkness

    Escape From Darkness
    Cheryl Franklin

    I could not do it without God, He brought me out from darkness to the light and I became a better person and a fruitful member in society. Now my hope and dreams are being fulfilled, I can help others escape from darkness.

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