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  • Fifty Is the New Fifty

    Fifty Is the New Fifty
    Suzanne Braun Levine

    Levine's own warm, wise, and humorous voice make this guide encouraging, enriching, and empowering. 50 Is the New Fifty is about survival, joy, and camaraderie, and it proves that fifty is its own wonderful stage of possibilities and …

  • Moving Through Fear

    Moving Through Fear
    Jeff Golliher

    But what is it? What are we afraid of-really-and what can we do about it? These are the questions that Jeff Golliher answers in Moving Through Fear, a sensitive, personal, and wholly inspiring work of guidance.

  • Fatherless

    D.E. Brown

    This is a moving account of one man’s fight for his rights as a father and to protect his young daughter from her abuser.

  • Giving You the WOW and the HOW

    Giving You the WOW and the HOW
    Sharmen Lane

    Giving You the Wow and the How is written by a woman who has been where you might be right now.


    Doris C. Smith

    You may not see the results the first two days but about the seventh day; your skin will begin to look a little bit better. Prayerfully, after the first two or three chapters of the book, your spirit will began to feel better.

  • Miau

    Benito Pérez Galdos

    Miau es un magnífico alegato contra el mundo cerrado y agobiante de la España de la Restauración, en el que por un cambio de gobierno, el funcionario Ramón Villamil es cesado en su puesto a dos meses de su jubilación, pierde la …

  • Me to We

    Me to We
    Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger

    You may not find the person of your dreams, but you will help people young and old go beyond their's. This book will open your eyes and change the way you look at life.

  • Encounters with the Kellys

    Encounters with the Kellys
    Delta Shannon

    In Encounters with the Kellys, Shannon lets the men share their side of the story and shares how modern-day readers can help these two trapped souls find rest. Their message is clear: They are lost. They are in pain. They want to be free.

  • Dig It

    Dig It
    Robert Brandt

    DIG IT is a great read for young and old, but most important, DIG IT is a story waiting to be written, it is the story of you… DIG IT!!!

  • Find Your Happy

    Find Your Happy
    Shannon Kaiser

    Through fresh perspective, inspiring stories, and useful exercises, this book guides readers to true happiness by removing physical, emotional and spiritual blocks.

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