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  •  Eduardo est s despedido

    ¡Eduardo, estás despedido!
    Ignacio Álvarez de Mon

    Se trata de un relato vibrante e inspirador que da al lector útiles consejos y herramientas sobre cómo afrontar de forma positiva una odisea como la de perder su empleo.

  • A Conspiracy to Love

    A Conspiracy to Love
    River Smith

    In this revised edition of his inspirational self-help book with a social conscience, Dr. Smith, a psychologist and social justice educator, opens the way for readers to transform not just ourselves, but our families, our communities, and …

  • Dig It

    Dig It
    Robert Brandt

    DIG IT is a great read for young and old, but most important, DIG IT is a story waiting to be written, it is the story of you… DIG IT!!!

  • Were You Raised by Wolves

    Were You Raised by Wolves?
    Christie Mellor

    From Christie Mellor, author of the beloved bestseller The Three-Martini Playdate, comes a hilarious guide for every young adult who may have missed the memo bearing the rules of adulthood.

  • Flip the Script

    Flip the Script
    Bill Wackermann

    An award-winning Conde Nast executive vice president offers insight into the business ingenuity and innovative branding strategies that have shaped his career, offering advice to readers at any level on how to embrace a results-oriented …

  • A Universal Template for Research Position and Life Experience Papers

    A Universal Template for Research Position and Life Experience Papers
    Dale Drakeford

    The self-descriptive title, A Universal Template For Research Position and Life Experience Papers, implies that there is a position that writers take in even the simplest of essays.

  • Memory

    Carol A. Turkington

    Packed with useful, up-to-date information, this clear, concise volume is a valuable learning tool and reference source for anyone who wants to improve his or her memory.

  • Be Big

    Be Big
    Judith H. Katz

    'Be BIG is an inspirational book on recognizing the BIGness in yourself and others, removing the blinders, and partnering to make a difference in the world'' —- Hal Yoh, Chair and CEO, Day Zimmermann

  • Freedom of Life

    Freedom of Life
    Anne Payson Call

    In The Freedom of Life she explains the power of concentration, how to release resistant energy in the body and mind, and lays out a practical approach to working through fear and anxiety in work and family life.

  • Beauty and the Soul

    Beauty and the Soul
    Piero Ferrucci

    Transpersonal psychologist Piero Ferrucci helps us to see everyday beauty in a whole new way-and to understand its powers to guide us through periods of darkness or stress, to speed recovery, to make life feel purposeful.

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