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  • 1000 Years of Sobriety

    1000 Years of Sobriety
    William Borchert, Michael Fitzpatrick

    These are the real "old timers," keepers of the wisdom, men and women from around the world who are among the dwindling generations who joined Alcoholics Anonymous when Bill W. was still alive, and whose very commitment to sobriety is a …

  • Repair Your Life

    Repair Your Life
    Margie McKinnon

    McKinnon presents a six-stage program for abuse survivors that helps them recognize and accept their adult problems stemming from childhood sexual abuse, and to process issues with tools and techniques to regain a healthy life.

  • Fearproof Your Life

    Fearproof Your Life
    Joseph Bailey

    We have become addicted to fear. But we don't need to be adrenaline junkies. Fearproof Your Life guides us through a process of how discovering who we truly are immunizes us from our own fears, as well as those of others.

  • Pain Free Living for Drug Free People

    Pain Free Living for Drug Free People
    Marvin Seppala, David Martin

    How can they use effective pain medications without triggering a relapse? Pain-Free Living for Drug-Free People is an information-packed guide to pain management in recovery and other issues related to pain control and addiction.

  • The Book That Started It All

    The Book That Started It All

    The Book That Started It All offers fresh insights into the history and foundation of the revolutionary Alcoholics Anonymous program.

  • A Life of My Own

    A Life of My Own
    Karen Casey

    Written with a broad-based spirituality and straight-forward style by the author of the classic Each Day a New Beginning, these reflections gently guide friends and family working programs like Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and Coc-Anon to a better …

  • Easy Does It Mom

    Easy Does It, Mom
    Barbara Joy

    In Easy Does It Mom, Barbara Joy provides moms with positive encouragement, knowledge, and tools they can begin using immediately as they continue their recovery and move toward being the best moms they can be.

  • A Day at A Time Gamblers Anonymous

    A Day at A Time Gamblers Anonymous

    A Day at a Time is an essential recovery tool for compulsive gamblers, these daily reflections and prayers offer us hope, support, and guidance throughout the year.

  • The 12 Steps Unplugged

    The 12 Steps Unplugged

    With The 12 Steps Unplugged, he makes the Twelve Steps accessible to all of us. In this simple and often funny guide, he interprets the philosophies and stories of the Big Book in straightforward language that speaks to regular people.

  • A Man s Way through the Twelve Steps

    A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps
    Dan Griffin

    Presents advice for men going through the twelve-step program of recovery, discussing how to overcome negative stereotypes of masculinity, connect with a Higher Power, deal with anger, and develop healthy, intimate realtionships.

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