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  • Ruralit s Nords Suds in galit s conflits innovations

    Ruralités Nords-Suds: inégalités, conflits, innovations

    La notion de ruralité est mise en question. Comment peut-on parler aujourd'hui de ruralités ?

  • Misplaced Distrust

    Misplaced Distrust
    ric Montpetit

    Using agro-environmental policy development in France, the United States, and Canada as case studies, ric Montpetit sets out to investigate the validity of this distrust through careful attention to the performance of the relevant policy …

  • Chillies and Porridge Writing Food

    Chillies and Porridge: Writing Food
    Mita Kapur

    Whether it's carrying a chilli around to dinner parties in the UK or finding out what it really means to be a vegetarian in a carnivorous world, whether it's exploring the junk food revolution in India or discovering the art of slow cooking …

  • Histoire de la premi re AMAP

    Histoire de la première AMAP
    Denise Vuillon

    En 2001 est créée l'AMAP (Association pour le Maintien d'une Agriculture Paysanne).

  • Food and Identity in the Caribbean

    Food and Identity in the Caribbean
    Hanna Garth

    This compelling volume brings together original essays that explore the relationship between food and identity in everyday life in the Caribbean.

  • Ancestral Appetites

    Ancestral Appetites
    Kristen J. Gremillion

    This book explores the relationship between prehistoric people and their food – what they ate, why they ate it and how researchers have pieced together the story of past foodways from material traces.

  • Local

    Douglas Gayeton

    The stories of their groundbreaking work, along with Gayeton's stunning collagelike photography, are inspirational in their advocacy for change.

  • In Essentials Unity

    In Essentials, Unity
    Jenny Bourne

    As this compact book so effectively illustrates, the history of the Patrons of Husbandry exposes the classic tension between the desires for achieving overall economic success and determining how the spoils are split.

  • The Urban Food Revolution

    The Urban Food Revolution
    Peter Ladner

    The Urban Food Revolution provides a recipe for community food security based on leading innovations across North America.

  • Maccheroni acqua e farina 90 ricette di una rinnovata cultura alimentare

    Maccheroni acqua e farina. 90 ricette di una rinnovata cultura alimentare
    Gino Girolomoni

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