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  • Food and Identity in the Caribbean

    Food and Identity in the Caribbean
    Hanna Garth

    This compelling volume brings together original essays that explore the relationship between food and identity in everyday life in the Caribbean.

  • Ancestral Appetites

    Ancestral Appetites
    Kristen J. Gremillion

    This book explores the relationship between prehistoric people and their food – what they ate, why they ate it and how researchers have pieced together the story of past foodways from material traces.

  • Local

    Douglas Gayeton

    The stories of their groundbreaking work, along with Gayeton's stunning collagelike photography, are inspirational in their advocacy for change.

  • In Essentials Unity

    In Essentials, Unity
    Jenny Bourne

    As this compact book so effectively illustrates, the history of the Patrons of Husbandry exposes the classic tension between the desires for achieving overall economic success and determining how the spoils are split.

  • The Urban Food Revolution

    The Urban Food Revolution
    Peter Ladner

    The Urban Food Revolution provides a recipe for community food security based on leading innovations across North America.

  • Animals Diseases and Human Health Shaping Our Lives Now and in the Future

    Animals, Diseases, and Human Health: Shaping Our Lives Now and in the Future
    Radford G. Davis D.V.M., M.P.H.

    This book explains how animals shape our lives and our health, providing evidence that a "One Health" approach is the only logical methodology for advancing human health in the future. • Contains illustrations and photographs to accompany …

  • The Ethical Carnivore

    The Ethical Carnivore
    Louise Gray

    Louise Gray decides to be an ethical carnivore and learn to stalk, shoot and fish. Starting small, Louise shucks oysters and catches a trout.

  • Vegan Freak

    Vegan Freak
    Bob Torres, Jenna Torres

    Loaded with tips, advice, stories, and comprehensive lists of resources that no vegan should live without, this book is key to helping you thrive as a happy, healthy, and sane vegan in a decidedly non-vegan world.

  • Betting on Famine

    Betting on Famine
    Jean Ziegler

    Like Raj Patel’s pathbreaking Stuffed and Starved, Betting on Famine will enlighten the millions of Americans concerned about the politics of food at home—and about the forces that prevent us from feeding the world’s children.

  • Food Fight

    Food Fight
    Mckay Jenkins

    From the Hardcover edition.

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