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  • Toward Engaged Anthropology

    Toward Engaged Anthropology
    Sam Beck, Carl A. Maida

    The chapters in this book suggest the roles anthropologists are able to play to bring us closer to a public anthropology characterized as engagement.

  • Games without Rules

    Games without Rules
    Tamim Ansary

    It is the story of a nation struggling to take form, a nation undermined by its own demons while, every 40 to 60 years, a great power crashes in and disrupts whatever progress has been made.

  • Tales of the Field

    Tales of the Field
    John Van Maanen

    Over the years, the work has both reflected and shaped changes in the field of ethnography. In this second edition, Van Maanen’s substantial new Epilogue charts and illuminates changes in the field since the book’s first publication.

  • Adjustment and Social Sector Restructuring

    Adjustment and Social Sector Restructuring
    Jessica M. Vivian, European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

    This volume examines the goals, assumptions, impacts and possible long-term outcomes of social policy trends in developing countries.

  • Varieties of Muslim Experience

    Varieties of Muslim Experience
    Lawrence Rosen

    In Varieties of Muslim Experience, anthropologist Lawrence Rosen explores aspects of Arab Muslim life that are, at first glance, perplexing to Westerners.

  • Petty Capitalists and Globalization

    Petty Capitalists and Globalization
    Alan Smart, Josephine Smart

    "Petty Capitalism and Globalization uses ethnographic research to examine how small firms in Europe. Asia, and Latin America have been compelled to operate and compete in a fast-moving transnational economic environment.

  • Vietnam

    Văn Huy Nguyễn, Laurel Kendall

    The authors take readers deep into the heart of this ancient country in search of the cultural, social, and religious drives that inform their traditional way of life.

  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Heritage and Identity

    The Ashgate Research Companion to Heritage and Identity
    Brian J. Graham, Peter Howard

    This Research Companion brings together a team of leading experts to provide a comprehensive and authoritative analysis of the key aspects of heritage and identity.

  • La domesticaci n del pensamiento salvaje

    La domesticación del pensamiento salvaje
    Jack Goody

    Para el eminente antropólogo Jack Goody, tal aproximación prejuzga cualquier discusión seria sobre los mecanismos conducentes a cambios a largo plazo en los procesos cognitivos de las culturas humanas, o cualquier explicación adecuada …

  • The Spirit of Mourning

    The Spirit of Mourning
    Paul Connerton

    In this book, Paul Connerton discusses social and cultural memory by looking at the role of mourning in the production of histories and the reticence of silence across many different cultures.

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