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  • Toward Engaged Anthropology

    Toward Engaged Anthropology
    Sam Beck, Carl A. Maida

    The chapters in this book suggest the roles anthropologists are able to play to bring us closer to a public anthropology characterized as engagement.

  • Writing Archaeology Second Edition

    Writing Archaeology, Second Edition
    Brian Fagan

    Archaeology’s best known author of popular books and texts distills decades of experience in this well-received guide designed to help others wanting to broaden the audience for their work.

  • The Heavenly Writing

    The Heavenly Writing
    Francesca Rochberg

    This book will be of particular interest to those concerned with the early history of science.

  • Excavations at Mohenjo Daro Pakistan

    Excavations at Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan
    George Dales, Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Leslie Alcock

    Included is Leslie Alcock's account of the pottery from the 1950 excavations by Sir Mortimer Wheeler. University Museum Monograph, 53

  • Maritime Archaeology

    Maritime Archaeology
    Keith Muckelroy

    Maritime archaeology – the scientific investigation of the relics of past ships and seafaring – has come into being as a distinctive sub-discipline of archaeology only since the wartime invention of the aqualung.

  • Egypt s Legacy

    Egypt’s Legacy
    Michael Rice

    Jung claimed that there exist certain psychological drives dormant in our shared unconscious: these are the archetypes.

  • Gender and Power in Prehispanic Mesoamerica

    Gender and Power in Prehispanic Mesoamerica
    Rosemary A. Joyce

    This landmark book offers the first comprehensive description and analysis of gender and power relations in prehispanic Mesoamerica from the Formative Period Olmec world (ca. 1500-500 BC) through the Postclassic Maya and Aztec societies of …

  • Bronze Age Eleusis and the Origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries

    Bronze Age Eleusis and the Origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries
    Michael B. Cosmopoulos

    This book provides a synthesis of the archaeology of Eleusis during the Bronze Age, reconstructing the origins and early development of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

  • The Byzantine Islamic Transition in Palestine

    The Byzantine-Islamic Transition in Palestine
    Gideon Avni

    Using recent archaeological findings, Avni addresses the transformation of local societies in Palestine and Jordan between the sixth and eleventh centuries AD, arguing that the Byzantine-Islamic transition was a much slower and gradual …

  • Spartan Women

    Spartan Women
    Sarah B. Pomeroy

    The author examines Spartan women from all social classes covering over a thousand years, by analyzing ancient texts and archeological evidence to construct the world of these females.

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