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  • Who s who in Black Canada 2

    Who’s who in Black Canada 2
    Dawn P. Williams

    In this second edition of Who's Who in Black Canada, Dawn Williams updates her tome of Black achievements and success in Canada, with over 730 entries.

  • Gender in Flux

    Gender in Flux
    Harriet Evans, Julia C. Strauss

    Based on recent research and insights from political activism, the volume explores changing manifestations and articulations of gender in China.

  • American Babylon

    American Babylon
    Robert O. Self

    American Babylon tells this story through Oakland and its nearby suburbs, tracing both the history of civil rights and black power politics as well as the history of suburbanization and home-owner politics.

  • The New Negro

    The New Negro
    Alain Locke

    With poetry, prose, and nonfiction essays, this collection is widely praised for its literary strength as well as its historical coverage of a monumental and fascinating time in the history of America.

  • Behind the Scenes in the Lincoln White House

    Behind the Scenes in the Lincoln White House
    Elizabeth Keckley

    A former slave who was a dressmaker and confidante of Mary Todd Lincoln, Keckley witnessed the happy times as well as the tragic events that unfolded within the Lincoln White House.

  • Slavery and the Founders

    Slavery and the Founders
    Paul Finkelman

    The new edition of this classic work addresses how the first generation of leaders of the United States dealt with the profoundly important question of human bondage.

  • The Performance of Nationalism

    The Performance of Nationalism
    Jisha Menon

    Jisha Menon's book explores the mimetic relationships between history and political performance and between India and Pakistan.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race

    The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race
    Naomi Zack

    Additionally, the essays consider the societal limitations and structures provided by public policy and law. As a critical theory, the volume compares the study of race to feminism.

  • Corrective Rape

    Corrective Rape
    Charlayne Hunter-Gault

    This book examines the wider social context of anti-LGBTI sentiment in South Africa, a country that was the first in the world to include constitutional language forbidding discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation, and the search …

  • Fighting for Britain

    Fighting for Britain
    David Killingray, Martin Plaut

    In this book African soldiers describe in their own words what it was like to undergo army training, to travel on a vast ocean, to experience battle, and their hopes and disappointments on demobilisation.

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