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  • Protecting Aboriginal Children

    Protecting Aboriginal Children
    Chris Walmsley

    This is the first book to document emerging practice in Aboriginal communities and describe child protection practice simultaneously from the point of view of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal social worker.

  • Pjok og Petrine 1 En pony i prĂ mie

    Pjok og Petrine 1 – En pony i præmie
    Kirsten Sonne Harild

    Shetlandsponyen Pjok er 1. præmie i et stort lotteri, og Petrines mor har købt en lodseddel.

  • Playing with Languages

    Playing with Languages
    Amy L. Paugh

    Over several generations villagers of Dominica have been shifting from Patwa, an Afro-French creole, to English, the official language.

  • Raising Your Kids Right

    Raising Your Kids Right
    Michelle Ann Abate

    Highlighting the works of William Bennett, Lynne Cheney, Bill O'Reilly, and others, Michelle Ann Abate brings together such diverse fields as cultural studies, literary criticism, political science, childhood studies, brand marketing, and …

  • Rights of Children at Risk and in Care

    Rights of Children at Risk and in Care

    This is sometimes not possible, however, for example when parents are unable to bring up their children or when they represent a danger to them.

  • Jugendgewalt im stĂ dtischen Raum

    Jugendgewalt im städtischen Raum
    Rainer Kilb

    Jugendgewaltdelikte sind als Phänomene im städtischen Raum sehr ungleich verteilt.

  • Participatory Learning in the Early Years

    Participatory Learning in the Early Years
    Donna Berthelsen, Jo Brownlee, Eva Johansson

    This book presents the latest theoretical and research perspectives about how ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care) contexts promote democracy and citizenship through participatory learning approaches.

  • Gummi Tarzan

    Ole Lund Kirkegaard

    Gummi-Tarzan er en sjov og varm historie om drengen Ivan Olsen, der efter et tilfældigt møde med en vaskeægte heks bliver Tarzan for en dag. Med forfatterens egne illustrationer, farvelagt af Maya Bang Kirkegaard.

  • Parent Child Play

    Parent-Child Play
    Kevin MacDonald

    This book provides the latest research and theory in the area of children’s play with their parents.

  • Jungen und Gewalt

    Jungen und Gewalt
    Ahmet Toprak

    Dr. Ahmet Toprak lehrt an der FH Dortmund.

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