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  • Hate and Bias Crime

    Hate and Bias Crime
    Barbara Perry

    Covering everything from hate groups and extremist exploits to Black church arsons and the fall out violence from 9/11; this is an important collection that sheds much-needed light on this growing problem.

  • City of Quartz Excavating the Future in Los Angeles New Edition

    City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles (New Edition)
    Mike Davis

    This new edition of Mike Davis’s visionary work gives an update on Los Angeles as the city hits the 21st century.

  • Rejas rotas

    Rejas rotas
    Luis Carlos Sainz

    Rejas rotas es una reveladora obra de periodismo de denuncia y policiaco que demuestra cómo el sistema penitenciario mexicano se ha caído a pedazos durante los últimos treinta años con la impunidad y la complicidad de las autoridades …

  • Shattered Innocence

    Shattered Innocence
    Robert Scott

    With police and psychologist testimony, this book shows how Garrido managed to get out of a 50-year prison sentence—to shatter the innocence of Jaycee Lee Dugard forever. . . Includes 16 pages of photos

  • Fearmonger

    Paula Mallea

    Fearmonger is the first comprehensive independent analysis of the "tough on crime" measures being implemented by the Canadian federal government under Stephen Harper

  • Misuse of Drugs

    Misuse of Drugs
    Leonard Jason-Lloyd

    Misuse of Drugs is a much needed and highly-accessible guide to the complex world of drugs. Expertly written by lecturer Leonard Jason-Lloyd, the book explains key provisions and terminology in short readable chapters.

  • Encyclopedia of Criminological Theory Volume 1

    Encyclopedia of Criminological Theory, Volume 1
    Francis T. Cullen, Pamela Wilcox

    For a free 30-day online trial to this title, visit This two-volume set is designed to serve as a reference source for anyone interested in the roots of contemporary criminological theory.

  • Disability Self and Society

    Disability, Self, and Society
    Tanya Titchkosky

    Argues for change in the meaning society ascribes to disability, seeing it as a useful life experience that affects all of society, rather than a temporary or chronic problem for the individual to overcome.

  • The Crime of Aggression in International Criminal Law

    The Crime of Aggression in International Criminal Law
    Sergey Sayapin

    This book comprehensively analyses the historical development of the criminalisation of aggression, scrutinises in a detailed manner the relevant jurisprudence of the Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals as well as of the Nuremberg follow-up …

  • Violence Against Women

    Violence Against Women
    Holly Johnson, Natalia Ollus, Sami Nevala

    This is an international, comparative survey which interviews random samples of women about their experiences with male violence. The authors form a management team for the International Violence Against Women Survey (IVAWS).

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