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  • Codes of the Underworld

    Codes of the Underworld
    Diego Gambetta

    In this book, one of the world's leading scholars of the mafia ranges from ancient Rome to the gangs of modern Japan, from the prisons of Western countries to terrorist and pedophile rings, to explain how despite these constraints, many …

  • Neue ambulante Ma√ nahmen nach dem Jugendgerichtsgesetz im Zeichen des KICK

    Neue ambulante Ma√ünahmen nach dem Jugendgerichtsgesetz im Zeichen des “KICK”
    Anna Gerlach

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2007 im Fachbereich Jura – Strafprozessrecht, Kriminologie, Strafvollzug, Note: 12 Punkte Vollbefriedigend, Universit√§t zu K√∂ln (Kriminologie), Veranstaltung: Seminar, 40 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache …

  • White Collar Crime

    White Collar Crime
    Michael L. Benson, Sally S. Simpson

    Assigning this new text by Mike Benson and Sally Simpson can successfully address that problem, because it explains to students why white-collar crime is so prevalent and so difficult to control.

  • Global Surveillance and Policing

    Global Surveillance and Policing
    Elia Zureik, Mark Salter

    This book brings together leading authorities in the field who have been working on the common problem of policing and surveillance at physical and virtual borders at a time of increased perceived threat.

  • Raising the Bar

    Raising the Bar
    Kathryn Graham, Ross Homel

    This book provides a definitive review of knowledge about bar room environments and their regulation, and provides directions for the prevention of aggression, violence and injury in and around public drinking establishments.

  • Schools and the Problem of Crime

    Schools and the Problem of Crime
    Stephen Boxford

    The book examines the causes of offending in the school context among 3,103, male and female, Year 10 pupils (age 14-15), in twenty state schools in Cardiff.

  • Restorative Justice Today

    Restorative Justice Today
    Katherine S. van Wormer, Lorenn Walker

    Restorative Justice Today: Applications of Restorative Interventions takes a hard look at the issues and concepts surrounding restorative justice and current restorative practices used in a broad range of areas today.

  • Windows Into the Soul

    Windows Into the Soul
    Gary T. Marx

    This book provides a language and a conceptual guide to the understanding of surveillance structures and processes.

  • Hate and Bias Crime

    Hate and Bias Crime
    Barbara Perry

    Covering everything from hate groups and extremist exploits to Black church arsons and the fall out violence from 9/11; this is an important collection that sheds much-needed light on this growing problem.

  • Whence They Came

    Whence They Came
    Barbara Ann Roberts

    Barbara Roberts explores these government officials, showing how they not only kept the doors closed but also managed to find a way to get rid of some of those who managed to break through their carefully guarded barriers.

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