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  • Tyler County

    Tyler County

    Before six flags flew over Tyler County, Native American settlers created forest trails and left artifacts.

  • Concealed Weapon Laws of the Early Republic

    Concealed Weapon Laws of the Early Republic
    Clayton E. Cramer

    He further supports the work of other scholars who have lately examined the role of Scots-Irish immigrants in creating a distinctive southern back-country culture of "honor violence" including dueling and brawling.

  • Being in Christ and Putting Death in Its Place

    Being-in-Christ and Putting Death in Its Place
    Miles Richardson

    "The book's thrust conjoins four-field anthropology (biological, cultural, archaeological, and linguistic) and a rigorous evolutionary framework to a postmodern dialogic, reflexive stance – that is, it views humanity as inescapably a …

  • Tales of Foreign Settlements in Japan

    Tales of Foreign Settlements in Japan
    Harold S. Williams

    These Tales of Foreign Settlements in Japan are the product of years of painstaking and scholarly research by a writer who is a business man and a recognized authority on the history of the Foreign Concessions in Japan, a man who has …

  • Cajun Country

    Cajun Country
    Barry Jean Ancelet, Jay Edwards, Glen Pitre

    The first book in the Folklife in the South series and by far the broadest look at traditional Cajun culture ever assembled. It not only describes the traditions as they are but also explains how they came to be.

  • Varieties of Muslim Experience

    Varieties of Muslim Experience
    Lawrence Rosen

    In Varieties of Muslim Experience, anthropologist Lawrence Rosen explores aspects of Arab Muslim life that are, at first glance, perplexing to Westerners.

  • The American People

    The American People
    B. A. Botkin

    Comprises traditional songs, stories, customs, and beliefs which have been handed down, by word of mouth for so long that they seem to have a life of their own.

  • Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from La Mode Illustrà e

    Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from “La Mode Illustrée
    JoAnne Olian

    Over 1,000 illustrations document elegant ladies' fashions from 1860 to 1914: evening gowns, wedding ensembles, bathing costumes, cycling outfits, and much more. Accompanied by hundreds of stylish accessories.

  • Tales of Old Japan

    Tales of Old Japan
    A.B. Mitford

    The books thirty–three chapters cover practically every sector of Japanese life. Thirty–one reproductions of woodblock prints illustrate the various tales and essays.

  • Food and Cultural Studies

    Food and Cultural Studies
    Bob Ashley

    Yet, food has only recently become a significant and coherent area of inquiry for cultural studies and the social sciences.

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