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  • Pediatric Palliative Care Global Perspectives

    Pediatric Palliative Care: Global Perspectives
    Caprice Knapp, Vanessa Madden, Susan Fowler-Kerry

    The first of its kind, this book describes pediatric palliative care in more than 23 countries.

  • Overcoming Loss

    Overcoming Loss
    Julia Sorensen

    Overcoming Loss is a photocopiable resource that addresses childrens' feeling of loss, which can arise from changing communities, schools, moving house, divorce or the death of a parent or grandparent.

  • Sacred Grief

    Sacred Grief
    Leslee Tessmann

    " –Irene Watson, Managing Editor, Reader Views Learn more about this book at Another great self-help book from Loving Healing press SEL010000 Self-Help: Death, Grief, Bereavement FAM014000 Family & …

  • Pioneer Cemeteries

    Pioneer Cemeteries
    Annette Stott

    Annette Stott traces this story through Rocky Mountain towns on the western frontier, from the unkempt “boot hills” of the early mining camps and cattle settlements to the more refined “fair mounts.” She shows how people from Asia, …

  • Last Rights

    Last Rights
    Stephen P. Kiernan

    These are just a few of the incredible findings award-winning journalist Stephen P. Kiernan reveals in Last Rights, an exposé of America's substandard care of people who are dying.

  • So Far Away

    So Far Away
    Christine W. Hartmann

    So Far Away gives us an intimate view of a person interacting with and reacting to her parents at the ends of their lives.

  • Rethinking Old Age

    Rethinking Old Age
    Paul Higgs, Chris Gilleard

    Inspired by the authors' ground-breaking work on the third and fourth age and supported by extensive sociological, medical and historical research, Rethinking Old Age offers a unique and timely analysis of the fourth age as a 'social …

  • On the Bones of the Serpent

    On the Bones of the Serpent
    Debbora Battaglia

    The Sabarl struggle for continuity—of the physical and social person and of social relations, of cultureal values, of paternal influence in a matrilineal society—is the subject of Debbora Battaglia's sensitive ethnography of loss and …

  • Viaje Sagrado Vivir Con Proposito y Morir Sin Miedo

    Viaje Sagrado: Vivir Con Proposito y Morir Sin Miedo
    Swami Rama

    "Para entender la muerte, un ser humano ha de intentar entender el proposito de la vida y la relacion entre la vida y la muerta.

  • Grief and Its Challenges

    Grief and Its Challenges
    Neil Thompson

    This text provides holistic understanding as well as guidance on how to respond to the bereaved and grieving.

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