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  • Genocide and Crisis in Central Africa

    Genocide and Crisis in Central Africa
    Christian P. Scherrer


  • Spatial Microsimulation A Reference Guide for Users

    Spatial Microsimulation: A Reference Guide for Users
    Robert Tanton, Kimberley Edwards

    This book is a practical guide on how to design, create and validate a spatial microsimulation model. These models are becoming more popular as academics and policy makers recognise the value of place in research and policy making.

  • Fertility Class and Gender in Britain 1860 1940

    Fertility, Class and Gender in Britain, 1860-1940
    Simon Szreter

    A unique interpretation of falling fertility in Britain between 1860 and 1940, with new and surprising findings.

  • Generationen Management

    Martin Klaffke

    Systematisches Generationen-Management schafft die Rahmenbedingungen, um das Unternehmen als attraktiven Arbeitgeber bei allen relevanten Mitarbeitergruppen zu positionieren und somit Wettbewerbsvorteile aus einer Generationenvielfalt zu …

  • Unnatural Deaths in the USSR 1928 1954

    Unnatural Deaths in the USSR, 1928-1954
    Iosif G. Dyadkin

    Dyadkin shows that World War II took close to 30 million lives and that during 1950-53 another 450,000 died in prison camps.

  • History of Environmental Economic Thought

    History of Environmental Economic Thought
    Erhun Kula

    This volume presents the ideas of major figures in economics throughout history on key environmental issues such as population growth, resource scarcity and environmental contamination.

  • Ten Billion

    Ten Billion
    Stephen Emmott

    TEN BILLION is a snapshot of our planet, and our species, approaching a crisis, and a stark analysis of where this leaves us. TEN BILLION is not another climate book. TEN BILLION is a book about us.

  • Millennials Rising

    Millennials Rising
    Neil Howe, William Strauss

    Millennials Rising provides a fascinating narrative of America's next great generation.

  • The Price We Pay

    The Price We Pay
    Clive R. Belfield, Henry M. Levin

    In this volume, leading scholars from a broad range of fields—including economics, education, demography, and public health—attach hard numbers to the relationship between educational attainment and such critical indicators as income, …

  • World Population Prospects Comprehensive Tables

    World Population Prospects: Comprehensive Tables
    United Nations. Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs. Population Division

    This volume presents all major demographic indicators, for all countries and their aggregates, in form of demographic profiles and indicator-specific data tables.

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