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  • Continuity and Change in Sub Saharan African Demography

    Continuity and Change in Sub-Saharan African Demography
    Clifford O. Odimegwu, John Kekovole

    This book offers an in-depth African perspective to the major issues in demographic discourse in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Theme Town

    Theme Town
    Thomas Wayne Paradis

    This book changes the way we view our everyday human landscapes by taking us on a 22-stop adventure through the heart of Flagstaff, Arizona.

  • Subnational Population Estimates

    Subnational Population Estimates
    David A. Swanson, Jeff Tayman

    This book will make the theory and techniques involved more accessible to anyone with an interest in developing or using population estimates. “With the publication of this volume, for the first time a book which is both a comprehensive …

  • Our Patchwork Nation

    Our Patchwork Nation
    Dante Chinni, James Gimpel Ph.D.

    Our Patchwork Nation is a brilliant new way to debate and examine the issues that matter most to our communities, and to our nation.

  • The Future of Motherhood in Western Societies

    The Future of Motherhood in Western Societies
    Gijs Beets, Joop Schippers, Egbert R. ‘te Velde

    This book offers a holistic overview of the process of postponement and its background in modern Western societies both at the personal and societal levels.

  • Genocide and Crisis in Central Africa

    Genocide and Crisis in Central Africa
    Christian P. Scherrer


  • Freizeitsport

    Jürgen Dieckert

  • Globalization and Families

    Globalization and Families
    Bahira Trask

    In order to create and implement programs and policies that can harness globalization for the good of mankind, and that could reverse some of the deleterious effects that have affected the world’s most vulnerable populations, we need to …

  • Unnatural Deaths in the USSR 1928 1954

    Unnatural Deaths in the USSR, 1928-1954
    Iosif G. Dyadkin

    Dyadkin shows that World War II took close to 30 million lives and that during 1950-53 another 450,000 died in prison camps.

  • Modeling Multigroup Populations

    Modeling Multigroup Populations
    Robert Schoen

    This book deals with models that can capture the behavior of individuals and groups over time.

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