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  • The Soul of Recovery

    The Soul of Recovery
    Christopher D. Ringwald

    In The Soul of Recovery: Uncovering the Spiritual Dimension in the Treatment of Addictions, author and journalist Christopher D. Ringwald tells how and why they seek and achieve these transformations.

  • A Chinaman s Chance

    A Chinaman’s Chance
    Eric Liu

    But what makes this story of immigrant ascent unique is that Chinese Americans are emerging at just the same moment when China has emerged – and indeed may displace America – at the center of the global scene.

  • Making Disease Making Citizens

    Making Disease, Making Citizens
    Assoc Prof Suzanne Fraser, Dr Kate Seear

    Drawing on personal interviews and a range of textual sources, the book presents a scholarly and engaging analysis of a newly identified and highly controversial disease and its relationship to philosophies of health, risk and harm in the …

  • Producing Health Policy

    Producing Health Policy
    Jo Maybin

    In this book Jo Maybin draws on rare access to the inner-workings of England's Department of Health to explore what kinds of knowledge civil servants use when developing policy, how they use it and why.

  • Drugs and Culture

    Drugs and Culture
    Geoffrey Hunt, Maitena Milhet, Henri Bergeron

    Drugs and Culture presents alternative perspectives on psychoactive drugs, highlighting the socio-cultural features of drug use and regulation in modern societies.

  • Meddling with Mythology

    Meddling with Mythology
    Rosaline S. Barbour, Guro Huby

    Meddling with Mythology examines the role of research in the construction of modern mythology or folklore surrounding HIV/AIDS.

  • Scurvy

    Stephen R. Bown

    From the earliest recorded appearance of the disease in the sixteenth century, to the eighteenth century, where a man had only half a chance of surviving the scourge, to the early nineteenth century, when the British conquered scurvy and …

  • Complementary Medicine in Australia and New Zealand

    Complementary Medicine in Australia and New Zealand
    Hans Baer

    In the late nineteenth century on the eve of the formation of Australia as a nation-state in 1902, the Australian medical system could be best described as a pluralistic one in the sense that while regular medicine constituted the …

  • Gender Madness and Colonial Paranoia in Australian Literature

    Gender, Madness, and Colonial Paranoia in Australian Literature
    Laura Deane

    This book rethinks women’s madness through a rigorous analysis of colonial paranoia.

  • Theory and Practice of Addiction Counseling

    Theory and Practice of Addiction Counseling
    Pamela S. Lassiter, John R. Culbreth

    Theory and Practice of Addiction Counseling by Pamela S. Lassiter and John R. Culbreth brings together contemporary theories of addiction and helps readers connect those theories to practice using a common multicultural case study.

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