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  • The Welsh in an Australian Gold Town

    The Welsh in an Australian Gold Town
    Robert Tyler

    The book provides an analysis of a Welsh community as it existed in a particular area and the ways in which it changed during a specific period of time and considers all aspects of the Welsh immigrant experience.

  • Recomposer sa vie ailleurs

    Recomposer sa vie ailleurs
    Michel Born, Huguette Desmet, Jean-Pierre Pourtois

    Consacré aux résultats d'une recherche portant sur les problématiques relatives à la santé physique et psychosociale des enfants immigrés primo-arrivants et de leurs familles, ce livre a contribué à mieux cerner leurs difficultés …

  • Voices From the Camps

    Voices From the Camps
    James M. Freeman, Nguyen Dinh Huu

    Voices from the Camps tells the story of the most vulnerable of these refugees: children alone, either orphaned or separated from their families.Combining anthropology and social work with advocacy for unaccompanied children everywhere, …

  • Not Born A Refugee Woman

    Not Born A Refugee Woman
    Maroussia Hajdukowski-Ahmed

    This volume is destined to a wide audience of scholars, students, policy makers, advocates, and service providers interested in new developments and critical practices in domains related to gender and forced migrations.

  • Women Migrants From East to West

    Women Migrants From East to West
    uisa,, Dawn Lyon, Enrica Capussotti, Ioanna Laliotou

    A major contribution of this book is to consider how the movement of people across Europe is changing the cultural and social landscape with implications for how we think about what Europe means. Cover image: Painting by Carla Accardi.

  • Nature s Government

    Nature’s Government
    Richard Harry Drayton

    At the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the rise of which throughout the nineteenth century is a central theme of this book, a pioneering scientific institution was added to a spectacular ornamental garden.

  • A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada

    A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada
    Barbara Williams

    This is the definitive edition of Anne Langtons important text. "

  • Identit s individuelles identit s collectives

    Identités individuelles, identités collectives

    Le XXIe siècle est l'époque du mélange des cultures. Le colloque « Identités individuelles / Identités collectives » préconise un regard pluriel sur l'individu en tant que tel, sur son rapport à lui-même et aux autres.

  • Secret Missions to Cuba

    Secret Missions to Cuba
    Robert M. Levine

    This groundbreaking book by Latin American specialist Robert M. Levine is about the shaping of American foreign policy, Cuban-American relations, and America’s hidden history with Cuba.

  • Isaku Endo, Jane Namaaji, Anoma Kulathunga

    This report uniquely presents a comparative analysis of three remittance corridors to Uganda from the United Kingdom, the United States, and South Africa.

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