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  • American Psychiatry and Homosexuality

    American Psychiatry and Homosexuality
    Jack Drescher, Joseph P. Merlino

    This is an essential resource for mental health educators, supervisors, and professionals; historians; and LGBT readers in general.

  • A Crisis of Meaning

    A Crisis of Meaning
    Steven Schwartzberg

    Beautifully written, with piercing awareness of the enormity of the challenges confronting individuals with HIV, this book celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.

  • Infamous Desire

    Infamous Desire
    Pete Sigal

    Providing comprehensive analyses of how male homosexualities were represented in areas under Portuguese and Spanish control, Infamous Desire is the first book-length attempt to answer such questions.

  • Gay Widowers

    Gay Widowers
    Michael Shernoff

    You will find encouragement for moving your life forward, without shutting your memories away, as you read about: how homophobia can complicate a gay widower’s grieving and mourning handling financial and legal matters before and after …

  • Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece

    Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece
    William A. Percy

    Combining impeccable scholarship with accessible, straightforward prose, Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece argues that institutionalized pederasty began after 650 B.C., far later than previous authors have thought, and was initiated …

  • Teddy Ferrara

    Teddy Ferrara
    Christopher Shinn

    A gripping new drama by the author of Pulitzer Prize finalist "Dying City.

  • Gay Studies from the French Cultures Voices from France Belgium Volume 25

    Gay Studies from the French Cultures: Voices from France, Belgium …, Volume 25
    Rommel Mendès-Leite, Pierre-Olivier de Busscher

    The book is divided into three parts: Theoretical Background, Lesbian History and Commentary, and Gay Male History and Commentary.

  • Bashing Back

    Bashing Back
    Wayne Besen R

    Smart and funny, Besen delivers a knockout punch to the notion that liberalism stands for nothing and progressive means passive. From the author: “The columns I have chosen for this book touch on politics and people, comedy and culture.

  • Deep Gossip

    Deep Gossip
    Henry Abelove

    Maps the intricate relationship between culture, politics, and sexuality over three centuries – now in paperback!

  • Arts and Letters

    Arts and Letters
    Edmund White

    'Anyone who loves arts and letters even half as much as Edmund White will enjoy this fine collection by this admirable American writer.' – The Washington Post Book World

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