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  • This Place Of Men

    This Place Of Men
    Doug Cooper-Spencer

    "This Place Of Men" explores the lives of these two men, as well as others who struggle with truth and sexual identity.

  • Margaret Mead Made Me Gay

    Margaret Mead Made Me Gay
    Esther Newton

    Chronicling the development of her ideas from the excitement of early feminism in the 1960s to friendly critiques of queer theory in the 1990s, this collection covers a range of topics such as why we need more precise sexual vocabularies, …

  • Witness to Aids

    Witness to Aids
    Edwin Cameron

    I did not feel I should remain silent.”_x000D_ _x000D_ When Edwin Cameron announced to a stunned local and international media that he – one of South Africa’s most prominent citizens – was himself living with the virus cutting swathes …

  • Gay Studies from the French Cultures Voices from France Belgium Volume 25

    Gay Studies from the French Cultures: Voices from France, Belgium …, Volume 25
    Rommel Mendès-Leite, Pierre-Olivier de Busscher

    The book is divided into three parts: Theoretical Background, Lesbian History and Commentary, and Gay Male History and Commentary.

  • Bashing Back

    Bashing Back
    Wayne Besen R

    Smart and funny, Besen delivers a knockout punch to the notion that liberalism stands for nothing and progressive means passive. From the author: “The columns I have chosen for this book touch on politics and people, comedy and culture.

  • Deep Gossip

    Deep Gossip
    Henry Abelove

    Maps the intricate relationship between culture, politics, and sexuality over three centuries – now in paperback!

  • Gays and the Military

    Gays and the Military
    Marc Wolinsky, Kenneth Sherrill

    Whatever the outcome of the case, presently on appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, this book will stand as a lasting and indispensable guide to the sources of sexual discrimination.

  • Asexualities

    Karli June Cerankowski, Megan Milks

    Together, these essays challenge the ways in which we imagine gender and sexuality in relation to desire and sexual practice. Asexualities provides a critical reevaluation of even the most radical queer theorizations of sexuality.

  • Sinuosities Lesbian Poetic Politics

    Sinuosities, Lesbian Poetic Politics
    Jeffner Allen

    " — Sarah Hoagland Jeffner Allen shapes a poetic politics that transforms textual and everyday realities.

  • How the Religious Right Shaped Lesbian and Gay Activism

    How the Religious Right Shaped Lesbian and Gay Activism
    Tina Fetner

    In this accessible and grounded work, Tina Fetner uncovers a remarkably complex relationship between the two movementsa one that transcends political rivalry.

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