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  • Coming of Age in New Jersey

    Coming of Age in New Jersey
    Michael Moffatt

    An anthropologist examines student life, including dormitories, friendships, school bureaucracy, hazing, fraternities, and sexual attitudes

  • Guardians of the Transcendent

    Guardians of the Transcendent
    Anne Vallely

    Explores the many facets of what constitutes a moral life within the Terapanthi Svetambar Jain ascetic community, and examines the central role ascetics play in upholding the Jain moral order.

  • Advancing Quality of Life in a Turbulent World

    Advancing Quality of Life in a Turbulent World
    Richard J. Estes

    The thirteen papers contained in this volume explore a broad range of factors that impact on quality of life worldwide-globalization, regionalization, recently regained political autonomy, population migration, factors that contribute to …

  • Tales of the Field

    Tales of the Field
    John Van Maanen

    Over the years, the work has both reflected and shaped changes in the field of ethnography. In this second edition, Van Maanen’s substantial new Epilogue charts and illuminates changes in the field since the book’s first publication.

  • Vom Systemtrottel zum Wutb rger

    Vom Systemtrottel zum Wutbürger
    Eugen Maria Schulak, Rahim Taghizadegan

    Wir haben uns zu mediengelenkten Massenmenschen entwickelt, die dem Konsum und der Informationspflicht dienen.Wir alle sind „nützliche Systemtrottel“– sagen die Philosophen Schulak und Taghizadegan.

  • Banned In Berlin

    Banned In Berlin
    Gary D. Stark

    Imperial Germany’s governing elite frequently sought to censor literature that threatened established political, social, religious, and moral norms in the name of public peace, order, and security.

  • Le probl me de la natalit

    Le problème de la natalité
    Jean Fort

    Toute naissance est accueillie avec un enthousiasme unanime.

  • Political Dialogue

    Political Dialogue
    Stephen Lawrence Esquith

    From the contents: Reason's reach: liberal tolerance and political discourse (Alfonso J. Damico).- Individualism and political dialogue (Tibor R. Machan).- Phronesis and political dialogue (Mark Kingwell).

  • Image und Identit t von St dten

    Image und Identität von Städten
    Jan Deppert

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2009 im Fachbereich Soziologie – Wohnen, Stadtsoziologie, Note: 1,0, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: „In der gegenwärtigen Phase einer forcierten globalen Marktwirtschaft …

  • Abraham Lincoln in the Post Heroic Era

    Abraham Lincoln in the Post-Heroic Era
    Barry Schwartz

    But as Barry Schwartz reveals in Abraham Lincoln in the Post-Heroic Era, those years represent the apogee of Lincoln’s prestige.

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