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  • Rethinking Old Age

    Rethinking Old Age
    Paul Higgs, Chris Gilleard

    Inspired by the authors' ground-breaking work on the third and fourth age and supported by extensive sociological, medical and historical research, Rethinking Old Age offers a unique and timely analysis of the fourth age as a 'social …

  • Centers for Ending

    Centers for Ending
    Seymour B. Sarason

    This concise volume is essential reading for researchers, graduate students, professionals, practitioners, and policy makers across such fields as geriatric medicine, health psychology, social work, public health, and public policy.

  • Aging Autonomy and Architecture

    Aging, Autonomy, and Architecture
    Benyamin Schwarz

    The book will be a valuable resource for researchers, designers, and policy makers, as well as for students in gerontology and in architecture.

  • Grains from Grass

    Grains from Grass
    Lisa Cliggett

    The work of survival for the Gwembe Tonga includes difficult decisions about how to distribute inadequate resources among family members.

  • Decision Making Near the End of Life

    Decision Making Near the End of Life
    James L. Werth Jr., Dean Blevins

    Case studies and first-person stories about decision-making, written by professionals in the field, bring a uniquely personal touch to this valuable text.

  • Reclaimed Powers

    Reclaimed Powers
    David Gutmann

    It is this shift in roles – a product of evolution found throughout our species – that led David Gutmann to propose a new psychology of ageing, based not on the threat of loss but on the promise of important new pleasures and capacities.

  • Hispanics and the Future of America

    Hispanics and the Future of America
    Committee on Transforming Our Common Destiny, Committee on Population, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council

    The papers in this volume provide invaluable information to explore these issues.

  • The Life Course

    The Life Course
    Stephen J. Hunt

    This second edition offers an essential overview of the sociology of the life course, incorporating both contemporary and conventional perspectives.

  • Gray Panthers

    Gray Panthers
    Roger Sanjek

    Prize-winning author Roger Sanjek tells the story of the Gray Panthers, an intergenerational activist group founded in 1970.

  • Full Circle

    Full Circle
    Kevin H. Kirkland, Howard McIlveen

    Full Circle is a how-to book that will prove you can trigger emotional responses in an individual or group therapy session using the right spiritual cues.

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