Books in category Social Science – Holidays (non-religious)

  • Halloween

    James Lantos, Applewood Books

    Part of Applewood's Pictorial America series, the book features images drawn from historical sources and includes prints, paintings, illustrations, and photographs.

  • Tinsel

    Hank Stuever

    A heartfelt, hilarious look at the evolution of a half-trillion-dollar American holiday Hank Stuever turns his unerring eye for the idiosyncrasies of modern life to Frisco, Texas, a suburb at once all-American and completely itself, to tell …

  • Every Day Is Mother s Day

    Every Day Is Mother’s Day
    Darrin Zeer

    This charming illustrated volume offers mom dozens of ways to unwind from the stresses of her day and helpful tips for a more harmonious household.

  • Chinese Festivals

    Chinese Festivals
    Liming Wei

    Chinese Festivals provides an illustrated introduction to China's traditional festivals, firmly established as part of China's rich, diverse culture.

  • Videojuegos y aprendizaje

    Videojuegos y aprendizaje
    Begoña Gros Salvat, Carles Feixa Pampols, Pilar Lacasa Díaz, Alejandro Català Bolós, Laura Méndez Zaballos, Javier Jaén Martínez, Xavier Vilella i Miró, M. Luisa Lamazán Álvarez, Isidro Moreno Sánchez, Rut Martínez Borda, Juan José Cárdenas Ballestero, Jose Antonio Mocholí Agües, Manel Camas Magri, Antònia Bernat Cuello

    Las nuevas generaciones se alfabetizan digitalmente a través del juego.

  •       к      е

    П. Федоров

    Вы любите делать вещи своими руками и хотите попробовать свои силы в одном из старейших ремесел – плотницком? Тогда эта книга – …

  • El sistema tur stico en Nicaragua

    El sistema turístico en Nicaragua
    Diego López Olivares

    The book stems from this idea, as it analyses the potential of Nicaraguan tourism by applying an integrated tourist development approach

  • 2014 LEEP Event Editorial Promotional Calendar

    2014 LEEP Event, Editorial & Promotional Calendar
    Laura Dawn Lewis

    3,800+ Holidays, Promotions, Events for 2014 in the United States, United Kingdom, Canadian, Australian and Chinese Markets.

  • We are what We Celebrate

    We are what We Celebrate
    Amitai Etzioni, Jared Bloom

    Edited by Amitai Etzioni, one of the most influential social and political thinkers of our time, this collection provides a compelling overview of the impact that holidays and rituals have on our family and communal life.

  • Feasts

    Michael Dietler, Brian Hayden

    In this collection of fifteen essays, archaeologists and ethnographers explore the material record of food and its consumption as social practice.

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