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  • Climate Change and Vulnerability

    Climate Change and Vulnerability
    Neil Leary, Cecelia Conde, Jyoti Kulkarni

    This authoritative volume (along with its companion covering adaptation), resulting from the work of the Assessments of Impacts and Adaptations to Climate Change (AIACC) project launched by the IPCC in 2002, is the first to provide a …

  • Agent Based Simulation of Vulnerability Dynamics

    Agent-Based Simulation of Vulnerability Dynamics
    Cilli Sobiech

    The developed agent-based simulation aims at the dynamics of social vulnerability in the considered system of the German North Sea Coast.

  • Women and Planning

    Women and Planning
    Clara H. Greed

    Women and Planning is the first comprehensive history and analysis of women and the planning movement, covering the philosophical, practical and policy dimensions of `planning for women'.

  • Why Walls Won t Work

    Why Walls Won’t Work
    Michael Dear

    But as theacclaimed urbanist and geographer Michael Dear reveals in this fascinating book, it was not always this way.

  • Red Holocaust

    Red Holocaust
    Steven Rosefielde

    Red Holocaust investigates high crimes against humanity in the Soviet Union, eastern and central Europe, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia 1929-2009, and compares the results with Ha Shoah and the Japanese Asian Holocaust.

  • International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics

    International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics
    John Barry, E. Gene Frankland

    Why care about the environment? Is the earth's climate really changing for the worse? What are CFCs exactly? And who or what is the WTO? What are the causes of environmental problems?

  • Geopiracy

    Joel Wainwright

    Geopiracy is a study of the 'Bowman expeditions'—a project through which geographers, with funding from the US Army, are mapping the 'human terrain' of foreign lands.

  • Regions and Crises

    Regions and Crises
    Lorenzo Fioramonti

    Will the Arab Spring trigger new forms of regional cooperation in North Africa? Will Asian regionalism prevail?This book investigates the intimate relationship between regional governance processes and global crises.

  • Were You Born on the Wrong Continent

    Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?
    Thomas Geoghegan

    This wry, timely book helps us understand why the European model, contrary to popular neoliberal wisdom, may thrive well into the twenty-first century without compromising its citizens' ease of living—and be the best example for the …

  • Automatic Fiscal Policies to Combat Recessions

    Automatic Fiscal Policies to Combat Recessions
    Laurence S. Seidman

    Drawing on the most prominent research in the field, this timely book offers bold new fiscal policies that can complement current automatic stabilizers and counter-cyclical monetary policy to help combat recessions.

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