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  • Not With My Life I Don t

    Not With My Life I Don’t
    Howard Rosenthal

    First published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Skills Training for Counselling

    Skills Training for Counselling
    Francesca Inskipp

    This invaluable guide is intended to help those who are training counsellors, as well as those training to be counsellors, and deals with: teaching and learning skills, curriculum development; preparation and setting up of courses; teaching …

  • Health Inequities in Canada

    Health Inequities in Canada
    Olena Hankivsky

    This volume brings together activists, scholars, and community-based researchers to apply interpretations of intersectionality to health and organizational governance cases.

  • Points of Contact

    Points of Contact
    Susan Crutchfield, Marcy Epstein

    A richly diverse collection of essays, memoir, poetry and photography on aspects of disability and its representation in art

  • Fighting for Our Lives

    Fighting for Our Lives
    Susan Maizel Chambré

    By drawing attention to the major faults of New York's (and America's) response to a major social and health crisis at the end of the twentieth century, the book urges more effective and sensitive actions-both governmental and civil-in the …

  • Successful Grant Writing

    Successful Grant Writing
    Kevin J. Lyons PhD, Laura N. Gitlin PhD

    This edition also includes expanded coverage of important areas including how to develop a grant budget, implement effective trans-disciplinary collaborations (an approach that is being advocated in many of the new NIH funding …

  • Family Foster Care in the Next Century

    Family Foster Care in the Next Century
    Kathy Barbell, Lois M. Wright

    This volume will be of interest to all concerned with the social welfare of children and families at the end of the twentieth century.

  • Philanthropy in England 1480 1660 A Study of the Changing Volume 1

    Philanthropy in England, 1480 – 1660: A Study of the Changing …, Volume 1
    W. K. Jordan

    The author records in this voluma a great and enduring historical achievement; he records as well the triumph of the secular preoccupations of mankind. This book was first published in 1959.

  • Investing in Communities Achieves Results

    Investing in Communities Achieves Results
    Rosalia Rodriguez-Garcia, Rene Bonnel, David Wilson, N’Della N’Jie

    Investing in Communities Achieves Results fills an important gap in the global knowledge on programs addressing HIV and AIDS, providing robust evidence that good results can be achieved by investing in communities with even limited …

  • The Pain of Helping

    The Pain of Helping
    Patrick J. Morrissette

    This book will serve as a primary source and directory for additional information pertaining to psychological injury.

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