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  • Buried by the Times

    Buried by the Times
    Laurel Leff

    Looks at decisions made at The New York Times that resulted in the minimizing, misunderstanding, and dilution of the Holocaust in a behind-the-scenes study of how America's premier newspaper failed in its coverage of the fate of European …

  • 媒體在食品安全事件中的風險傳播:以食用油報導為例

    本研究從風險傳播的觀點,以2013年台灣爆發的食用油事件為例,探討媒體如何再現食品安全事件的樣貌?報導中呈現哪些食品安全資訊?其中有哪些是與風險相關的資訊?不同媒體 …

  • Ko Orientierung in der Medienrezeption

    Ko-Orientierung in der Medienrezeption
    Udo Göttlich, Luise Heinz, Martin R. Herbers

    Der Inhalt Theoretische Rahmungen.- Second Screen-Konstellationen.- Second Screen-Nutzung.- Inhaltliche Perspektiven der Second Screen-Nutzung.- Second Screen in der politischen Debatte.

  • Stealth Communications

    Stealth Communications
    Sue Curry Jansen

    In this important new book, Sue Curry Jansen explores the ways in which globalization and the digital revolution have substantially elevated PR's role in management, marketing, governance and international affairs.

  • Sharing our Lives Online

    Sharing our Lives Online
    David R. Brake

    Why do we share so much about our lives on social media when we often have little idea who might be reading or viewing? David R. Brake examines the causes and consequences of moving towards a radically open society.

  • Murder Gender and the Media

    Murder, Gender and the Media
    Jane Monckton-Smith

    A shocking look at how the idea of romantic love can justify and excuse the killing of women by their partners, and lead to sympathy and reduced sentences for the killers.

  • Complex TV

    Complex TV
    Jason Mittell

    Through close analyses of key programs, including The Wire, Lost, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Veronica Mars, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Mad Men the book traces the emergence of this narrative mode, focusing on issues such as viewer …

  • Advanced Reporting

    Advanced Reporting
    Miles Maguire

    In this readable book, veteran journalism professor Miles Maguire shows how the best reporters use these three tools in a way that allows them to cross-check and authenticate facts, to reduce or eliminate unsupportable allegations and to …

  • The Internet and Democratic Citizenship

    The Internet and Democratic Citizenship
    Stephen Coleman, Jay G. Blumler

    This book examines how the Internet can improve public communications and enrich democracy.

  • Steven Spielberg and Philosophy

    Steven Spielberg and Philosophy
    Dean Kowalski

    Impressive in scope, this volume illustrates the philosophical tenets of a wide variety of thinkers from Plato to Aquinas, Locke, and Levinas.

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