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  • Buried by the Times

    Buried by the Times
    Laurel Leff

    Looks at decisions made at The New York Times that resulted in the minimizing, misunderstanding, and dilution of the Holocaust in a behind-the-scenes study of how America's premier newspaper failed in its coverage of the fate of European …

  • Media and the Path to Peace

    Media and the Path to Peace
    Gadi Wolfsfeld

    This is the first book to examine in detail the roles that the news media can play in an ongoing peace process. Gadi Wolfsfeld explains how the press's role in such processes varies over time and political circumstance.

  • IperpubblicitĂ Come cambia la pubblicitĂ italiana

    IperpubblicitĂ . Come cambia la pubblicitĂ  italiana
    Vanni Codeluppi

  • Tales from Facebook

    Tales from Facebook
    Daniel Miller

    This book examines how Facebook transforms the lives of particular individuals, but it also presents a general theory of Facebook as culture and considers the likely consequences of social networking in the future.

  • The Internet and Democratic Citizenship

    The Internet and Democratic Citizenship
    Stephen Coleman, Jay G. Blumler

    This book examines how the Internet can improve public communications and enrich democracy.

  • Steven Spielberg and Philosophy

    Steven Spielberg and Philosophy
    Dean Kowalski

    Impressive in scope, this volume illustrates the philosophical tenets of a wide variety of thinkers from Plato to Aquinas, Locke, and Levinas.

  • YouTube

    Jean Burgess, Joshua Green

    The book critically examines the public debates surrounding the site, demonstrating how it is central to struggles for authority and control in the new media environment.

  • Multiplayer

    Thorsten Quandt, Sonja Kröger

    The book is divided into five sections that explore the following areas: Social Aspects of Digital Gaming Social Interactions in Virtual Worlds Online Gaming Co-located and Console Gaming Risks and Challenges of Social Gaming This engaging …

  • The Copycat Effect

    The Copycat Effect
    Loren Coleman

    This is The Copycat Effect — the phenomenon through which violent events spawn violence of the same type.

  • Democracy Under Attack

    Democracy Under Attack
    Malcolm Dean

    Drawing on 4 decades of top level Whitehall briefings, topped up by interviews with 150 senior participants in the policy-making process, this text is packed with new insights, and colourful stories.

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