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  • Boys Don t Cry

    Boys Don’t Cry?
    Milette Shamir, Jennifer Travis

    What are its political stakes? Will the “release” of straight, white, middle-class masculine emotion remake existing forms of power or reinforce them? This collection forcefully challenges our most entrenched ideas about male emotion.

  • Manhood in the Making

    Manhood in the Making
    David D. Gilmore

    Offers a cross-cultural study of manhood as an achieved status, and looks at two androgynous cultures that are exceptions to the manhood archetype

  • A Man s Way through the Twelve Steps

    A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps
    Dan Griffin

    Presents advice for men going through the twelve-step program of recovery, discussing how to overcome negative stereotypes of masculinity, connect with a Higher Power, deal with anger, and develop healthy, intimate realtionships.

  • Masculinity in the Reformation Era

    Masculinity in the Reformation Era
    Scott H. Hendrix, Susan C. Karant-Nunn

    These essays add a unique perspective to studies that reconstruct the identity of manhood in early modern Europe, including France, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany.

  • Iron John

    Iron John
    Robert Bly

    Finding rich meaning in ancient stories and legends, Bly uses the Grimm fairy tale "Iron John"—in which a mentor or "Wild Man" guides a young man through eight stages of male growth—to remind us of ways of knowing long forgotten, images …

  • Responding to Men in Crisis

    Responding to Men in Crisis
    Brian Taylor

    "This book is based on new work relating gendered assumptions about rationality to men's mental health.

  • Black Haze Second Edition

    Black Haze, Second Edition
    Ricky L. Jones

    Can their often-dangerous initiation processes be stopped or even modified and, if not, what should be done about them? In this second edition of Black Haze, Ricky L. Jones takes on these questions and more.

  • It s That Simple

    It’s That Simple!
    Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

    Bree’s proven tools and strategies get results faster than you can say, “I can’t believe how much happier we are!” When National TV & Radio shows need a relationship expert, they call Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. Why?

  • Masculinity Senses Spirit

    Masculinity, Senses, Spirit
    Katherine M. Faull

    The collection reveals the disparate and yet related worlds of masculine gender performance, recognizing the central role of the body and its relation to the spirit and senses in notions of European and Atlantic masculinity.

  • Fatherhood

    H. Elizabeth Peters, Randal D Day, Gary W Peterson, Suzanne Steinmetz

    Fatherhood: Research, Interventions, and Policies addresses both practical and theoretical concerns, including: the redefinition of fatherhood changes over time in research on fatherhood the predictive power of fathers’activities on their …

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