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  • Discovering Indigenous Lands

    Discovering Indigenous Lands
    Robert J. Miller, Jacinta Ruru, Larissa Behrendt, Tracey Lindberg

    This book presents new material and shines fresh light on the under-explored historical and legal evidence about the use of the doctrine of discovery in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

  • Impacts of Racism on White Americans

    Impacts of Racism on White Americans
    Benjamin Bowser, Raymond G. Hunt

    A collection of papers presented on white racial attitudes, covering such topics as the political economy of white racism, and the potential problems of diversity

  • Conceptualizing Racism

    Conceptualizing Racism
    Noel A. Cazenave

    Conceptualizing Racism is a provocative book that confronts the language we use to discuss and understand racism.

  • American Babylon

    American Babylon
    Robert O. Self

    American Babylon tells this story through Oakland and its nearby suburbs, tracing both the history of civil rights and black power politics as well as the history of suburbanization and home-owner politics.

  • Intercultural Education in the European Context

    Intercultural Education in the European Context
    Dr Marco Catarci, Prof Dr Massimiliano Fiorucci

    This book offers a comparative analysis of the intercultural theories and practices developed in the European context.

  • A Different Mirror for Young People

    A Different Mirror for Young People
    Ronald Takaki

    Now Rebecca Stefoff, who adapted Howard Zinn's best-selling A People's History of the United States for younger readers, turns the updated 2008 edition of Takaki's multicultural masterwork into A Different Mirror for Young People.

  • Afghanistan s Endless War

    Afghanistan’s Endless War
    Larry P. Goodson

    Going beyond the stereotypes of Kalashnikov-wielding Afghan mujahideen and black-turbaned Taliban fundamentalists, Larry Goodson explains in this concise analysis of the Afghan war what has really been happening in Afghanistan in the last …

  • Creating a New Racial Order

    Creating a New Racial Order
    Jennifer L. Hochschild, Vesla M. Weaver, Traci R. Burch

    "This is a wide-ranging exploration of how America looks, thinks, and lives in terms of race as we go into this new millennium.

  • Revitalising Indigenous Languages

    Revitalising Indigenous Languages
    Dr. Marja-Liisa Olthuis, Suvi Kivelä, Dr. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas

    The book tells the story of the Indigenous Aanaar Saami language (around 350 speakers) and cultural revitalisation in Finland.

  • Margins and Mainstreams

    Margins and Mainstreams
    Gary Y. Okihiro

    In this classic book on the meaning of multiculturalism in larger American society, Gary Okihiro explores the significance of Asian American experiences from the perspectives of historical consciousness, race, gender, class, and culture.

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