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  • Curious Punishments of Bygone Days

    Curious Punishments of Bygone Days
    Alice Morse Earle

    Alice Morse Earle was a social historian of great note at the turn of the century, and many of her books have lived on as well-researched and well-written texts of everyday life in Colonial America.

  • Prisons the World Over

    Prisons the World Over
    Rita Simon, Christiaan De Waal

    The book includes reports on the number of prisoners, the rate per population, the percent of female prisoners, the number of penal institutions and their occupancy level, and the number of privately run prisons Also reported are the …

  • Wisconsin Sentencing in the Tough On Crime Era

    Wisconsin Sentencing in the Tough-On-Crime Era
    Michael O’Hear

    The dramatic increase in U.S. prison populations since the 1970s is often blamed on mandatory sentencing laws, but this case study of a state with judicial discretion in sentencing reveals that other significant factors influence high …

  • History of Criminal Justice

    History of Criminal Justice
    Mark Jones, Peter Johnstone

    Covering criminal justice history on a cross-national basis, this book surveys criminal justice in Western civilization and American life chronologically from ancient times to the present.

  • Civil Penalties Social Consequences

    Civil Penalties, Social Consequences
    Christopher Mele, Teresa A. Miller

    This much-needed work contains pieces by scholars in law, criminology, and sociology, including: Scott Christianson, Michael Lichter, and Daniel Kanstroom.

  • Imprisoning Medieval Women

    Imprisoning Medieval Women
    Gwen Seabourne

    "By royal power and command" : maidens (and other women) in towers — Confinement of women in war and armed conflict — Other species of "garde" — "A dreary and solitary place" or "honourable captivity"?

  • Bullying Among Prisoners

    Bullying Among Prisoners
    Jane L. Ireland

    By outlining a series of interventions that can be employed to address bullying, this book will prove an invaluable resource for all those working directly with the perpetrators and victims, not only in prisons but also in a range of …

  • Los muchachos perdidos

    Los muchachos perdidos
    Humberto Padgett, Eduardo Loza

    He aquĆ­ los retratos y las historias de Los muchachos perdidos.

  • The Big House in a Small Town

    The Big House in a Small Town
    Eric J. Williams

    This work is an in-depth, on-the-ground examination of how prisons impact rural communities, including a revealing study of two rural communities that have chosen prisons as an economic development strategy. * Provides compelling data from …

  • Death and Redemption

    Death and Redemption
    Steven A. Barnes

    In this provocative book, Steven Barnes argues that the Gulag must be understood primarily as a penal institution where prisoners were given one final chance to reintegrate into Soviet society.

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