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  • Public Health Behind Bars

    Public Health Behind Bars
    Robert Greifinger

    How can correctional facilities treat addiction more effectively? What can be done to improve diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders? Can correctional care benefit from quality management and performance measurement?

  • Cadaverland

    Michael Dorland

    A powerful look at how French medical science apprehended and described Holocaust survival

  • Explaining Criminal Careers

    Explaining Criminal Careers
    John F. MacLeod, Peter Grove, David Farrington

    Explaining Criminal Careers presents a simple but influential theory of crime, conviction and reconviction.

  • Rejas rotas

    Rejas rotas
    Luis Carlos Sainz

    Rejas rotas es una reveladora obra de periodismo de denuncia y policiaco que demuestra cómo el sistema penitenciario mexicano se ha caído a pedazos durante los últimos treinta años con la impunidad y la complicidad de las autoridades …

  • Fearmonger

    Paula Mallea

    Fearmonger is the first comprehensive independent analysis of the "tough on crime" measures being implemented by the Canadian federal government under Stephen Harper

  • Wisconsin Sentencing in the Tough On Crime Era

    Wisconsin Sentencing in the Tough-On-Crime Era
    Michael O’Hear

    The dramatic increase in U.S. prison populations since the 1970s is often blamed on mandatory sentencing laws, but this case study of a state with judicial discretion in sentencing reveals that other significant factors influence high …

  • History of Criminal Justice

    History of Criminal Justice
    Mark Jones, Peter Johnstone

    Covering criminal justice history on a cross-national basis, this book surveys criminal justice in Western civilization and American life chronologically from ancient times to the present.

  • Civil Penalties Social Consequences

    Civil Penalties, Social Consequences
    Christopher Mele, Teresa A. Miller

    This much-needed work contains pieces by scholars in law, criminology, and sociology, including: Scott Christianson, Michael Lichter, and Daniel Kanstroom.

  • Imprisoning Medieval Women

    Imprisoning Medieval Women
    Gwen Seabourne

    "By royal power and command" : maidens (and other women) in towers — Confinement of women in war and armed conflict — Other species of "garde" — "A dreary and solitary place" or "honourable captivity"?

  • Women and the Death Penalty in the United States 1900 1998

    Women and the Death Penalty in the United States, 1900-1998
    Kathleen A. O’Shea

    Studies criminal cases from throughout the twentieth century in which women have been given the death penalty.

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