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  • Psychological Aspects of Functioning Disability and Health

    Psychological Aspects of Functioning, Disability, and Health
    David B. Peterson, PhD, CRC, NCC

    "–ICF Newsletter "Peterson isĂ–the most qualified individual in the field of rehabilitation counseling and rehabilitation psychology to write this text.

  • A Few Impertinent Questions

    A Few Impertinent Questions
    Berthajane Vandegrift

    The Freudian view seemed to be that people consist of Ids, ego's and superego's.

  • Damned for Their Difference

    Damned for Their Difference
    Jan Branson, Don Miller

    The author explores the variety of cultural settings that have sought to classify deaf people throughout history, from eighteenth-century rationalism to the frightening eugenics policies of the early nineteenth century.

  • Points of Contact

    Points of Contact
    Susan Crutchfield, Marcy Epstein

    A richly diverse collection of essays, memoir, poetry and photography on aspects of disability and its representation in art

  • Un enfant handicapĂ Ă galiser ses chances

    Un enfant handicapé : égaliser ses chances
    Serge Dalla Piazza

    L'enfant porteur de déficiences, démarre dans la vie avec un avenir hypothéqué.

  • A Textured Life

    A Textured Life
    Alison Pedlar

    By opening our communities to adults with developmental disabilities, we will enable them to transcend the world of disability and enhance the texture of their lives.

  • Bracing Accounts

    Bracing Accounts
    Jacqueline Foertsch

    This work is the textual response to polio from the postwar era to the present. It considers women's magazines, in which polio was both a fitfully treated subject and a frequently important subtext.

  • Lili et l oreille blessĂ e

    Lili et l’oreille blessĂ©e
    Charly Rudigoz

    Lili dĂ©couvre un matin qu'elle a un bruit persistant, dĂ©rangeant, insupportable dans son oreille gauche… stupeur, rĂ©volte, combat, luciditĂ© et apaisement.

  • Getting IT

    Getting IT
    Dinah Murray, Ann Aspinall

    This book will inspire carers, teachers, psychologists, parents and other professionals to use IT with people with communication difficulties, and will expand the skills and knowledge of those who already do.

  • Indemnisations et handicaps L avocat et le journaliste

    Indemnisations et handicaps. L’avocat et le journaliste
    Laurent Lejard, Catherine Meimon Nisenbaum, Nicolas Meimon Nisenbaum

    Après un accident, une maladie invalidante ou la survenue d'un handicap, vient le temps de la reconstruction de soi.

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