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  • Casebook for The Foundation A Great American Secret

    Casebook for The Foundation: A Great American Secret
    Joel L. Fleishman, J. Scott Kohler, Steven Schindler

    Yet foundations are capable of more and better. This volume, a window onto great successes of the past and present, is at once a look back, a look around, and a point of reference as we turn to the future.

  • The Future of Foundations

    The Future of Foundations

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  • Art Education and African American Culture

    Art, Education, and African-American Culture
    Mary Ann Meyers

    This is both a biography of an iconoclastic and innovative figure and a study of the often-conflicted efforts of an emergent liberalism to seek out and showcase African-American contributions to the American aesthetic tradition.

  • Socialmedia Nonprofit Tweet Book01

    # Socialmedia Nonprofit Tweet Book01
    Janet Fouts, Beth Kanter

    Two social media experts present a collection of bite-sized wisdom especially for nonprofits that explains how to measure the benefits of social media, how to manage volunteers and create evangelists, and offers best practices for using …

  • Social Enterprise

    Social Enterprise
    Janelle A. Kerlin

    The first comparative look at how social enterprise is shaped by local conditions worldwide

  • The Foundation Administrator

    The Foundation Administrator
    Arnold John Zurcher, Jane Dustan

    This book offers a systematic study of those individuals who derive their livelihood and professional satisfactions from foundation employment above a clerical level.

  • American Generosity

    American Generosity
    Patricia Snell Herzog, Heather E. Price

    'American Generosity' answers what, how much, who, where, and why questions of generous activities. This book takes an interdisciplinary approach that defines generosity as expressed through multiple forms of giving.

  • 1 800 Miles

    1,800 Miles
    Joshua Daniel Phillips

    “We must be actively against instead of passively for sexual violence.” – 1,800 Miles Sexual violence is a cultural issue that will not go away just because we ignore it.

  • Understanding Philanthropy

    Understanding Philanthropy
    Robert L. Payton, Michael P. Moody

    Weaving together accessible theoretical explanations with fascinating examples of philanthropic action, this book advances key scholarly debates about philanthropy and offers practitioners a way of explaining the rationale for their …

  • Humanitarian Intervention in the Long Nineteenth Century

    Humanitarian Intervention in the Long Nineteenth Century
    Heraclides Alexis, Dialla Ada

    Presents the development of humanitarian theories in international law and international political theory during the 19th century and assesses four case studies, linking them to ongoing theoretical arguments with an emphasis on the lesser …

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