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  • Edwin Rogers Embree

    Edwin Rogers Embree
    Alfred Perkins

    One of the most influential philanthropists of the early 20th century, Edwin Rogers Embree was the scion of generations of abolitionists and integrationists.

  • Ending Hunger Now

    Ending Hunger Now
    George Stanley McGovern, Bob Dole, Donald E. Messer

    This book brings together their disparate yet powerful voices behind a shared conviction: that helping the millions who lack basic provision for food has become a religious imperative and human priority.

  • Socialmedia Nonprofit Tweet Book01

    # Socialmedia Nonprofit Tweet Book01
    Janet Fouts, Beth Kanter

    Two social media experts present a collection of bite-sized wisdom especially for nonprofits that explains how to measure the benefits of social media, how to manage volunteers and create evangelists, and offers best practices for using …

  • The Foundation Administrator

    The Foundation Administrator
    Arnold John Zurcher, Jane Dustan

    This book offers a systematic study of those individuals who derive their livelihood and professional satisfactions from foundation employment above a clerical level.

  • 1 800 Miles

    1,800 Miles
    Joshua Daniel Phillips

    “We must be actively against instead of passively for sexual violence.” – 1,800 Miles Sexual violence is a cultural issue that will not go away just because we ignore it.

  • Corporate Community Involvement

    Corporate Community Involvement
    Nick Lakin, Veronica Scheubel

    " The core of the book is a step-by-step guide to developing and implementing a comprehensive and successful approach to Corporate Community Involvement.

  • If I Had a Million Dollars I D Ease the Pain of HIV AIDS in Africa

    If I Had a Million Dollars… I’D Ease the Pain of HIV/AIDS in Africa
    Stephen Douglas

    This manual was produced by the residents of York Region, Ontario, who have come together to raise awareness and money. They chose the Stephen Lewis Foundation as the beneficiary of their efforts.

  • Understanding Philanthropy

    Understanding Philanthropy
    Robert L. Payton, Michael P. Moody

    Weaving together accessible theoretical explanations with fascinating examples of philanthropic action, this book advances key scholarly debates about philanthropy and offers practitioners a way of explaining the rationale for their …

  • However Long the Night

    However Long the Night
    Aimee Molloy

    This book is a testament to the fact that the connections between women can lead to a better world.

  • Andrew Carnegie

    Andrew Carnegie
    James Mackay

    Set against the contrasting backdrops of radical Scotland and America during the most turbulent phase of its development, Little Boss is the definitive story of one of the world’s greatest captains of industry.

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