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  • Fundraising from Companies Charitable Trusts Foundations Through The Internet Fifth Edition

    Fundraising from Companies & Charitable Trusts/Foundations + Through The Internet – Fifth Edition
    Gordon Owen

    This book is one of more than 30 e/books in the genre subject matters of fundraising, governance and organisational material series.

  • The Alms Trade

    The Alms Trade
    Ian Williams

    He also discusses how the archaic privileges of the state church were extended to all other religions and cults, with effect ranging from the comic to the disastrous, and how religious intolerance was converted by judges into the doctrine …

  • Nipping Crime in the Bud

    Nipping Crime in the Bud
    Muriel Whitten

    At a time when problems of crime and antisocial behaviour stimulate debate on big society solutions, this book provides an exceptional means of tracing a line of response which began at the end of the 18th century.

  • Edwin Rogers Embree

    Edwin Rogers Embree
    Alfred Perkins

    One of the most influential philanthropists of the early 20th century, Edwin Rogers Embree was the scion of generations of abolitionists and integrationists.

  • Genuine Dialogue and Real Partnership

    Genuine Dialogue and Real Partnership
    Maurice Friedman

    Building Genuine Community emphasizes a notion of a community in which people are bound together by a common life situation and a common purpose without using that common purpose as an exclusionary factor that distinguishes between those …

  • A Public Charity

    A Public Charity
    Mary L. Mapes

    Using Indianapolis as its focus, this book explores the relationship between religion and social welfare.

  • Schools and Urban Revitalization

    Schools and Urban Revitalization
    Kelly L. Patterson, Robert Mark Silverman

    Schools and Urban Revitalization collects emerging research in this field, with special interest in new school-neighborhood partnerships that lead today’s most vibrant policy responses to urban blight.

  • Il galateo del fund raising

    Il galateo del fund raising
    Armanda Capeder

  • A Legacy of Caring

    A Legacy of Caring
    Children’s Aid Society Foundation, Gail Aitken, Donald F. Bellamy, John McCullagh

    With an emphasis on the post-World War II period, A Legacy of Caring examines the political, social, and economic factors that led to changes within the society itself as well as developments in legislation and social policy.

  • Board Fund Raising Manual

    Board Fund Raising Manual
    Darla Struck

    This 75-page guide will walk your board members through every aspect of the fund raising process from convincing them that it's part of their job, to teaching them how to set up an endowment.

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