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  • Ecstasy


    The history of ecstasy, its discovery and use and social implications.

  • The Practice of Cultural Studies

    The Practice of Cultural Studies
    Richard Johnson, Deborah Chambers, Parvati Raghuram, Estella Tincknell

    This is a book on methods which readers will be able to make their own; and which — uniquely in the genre — will keep them buzzing' – Bill Schwarz, Queen Mary University of London 'The Practice of Cultural Studies is an original …

  • Opium

    Francis Moraes, Debra Kita

    A discourse, beginning with the history of early use; covering opium's effects along with its complicated chemical structure and numerous derivatives.

  • Magic Mushrooms

    Magic Mushrooms
    Peter Stafford

    This illustrated handbook of psychoactive mushrooms includes chapters on the history, botany, chemistry, mental and physical effects, and preparation of magic mushrooms. Illustrations.

  • Talking Trash

    Talking Trash
    Julie Manga

    Absorbing, entertaining and keenly perceptive, Talking Trash illuminates the complex viewer response to daytime television talk shows and examines the cultural politics surrounding this wildly controversial popular phenomenon.

  • The Jazz Cadence of American Culture

    The Jazz Cadence of American Culture
    Robert G. O’Meally

    Offers thirty-five essays on jazz and the blues, their relationships to other arts, and what they reveal about American society

  • Dance of the Sleepwalkers

    Dance of the Sleepwalkers
    Frank M. Calabria

    Dance marathons were a phenomenally popular fad during the manic 1920s and depressive 1930s.

  • Sacred Vine of Spirits Ayahuasca

    Sacred Vine of Spirits: Ayahuasca
    Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.

    This book will be an inspiration for lay audiences and a treasure trove of information for scholars studying consciousneess and the human psyche.” –Stanislav Grof, M.D., author of LSD Psychotherapy, Psychology of the Future, and The …

  • One Letter Words a Dictionary

    One-Letter Words, a Dictionary
    Craig Conley

    This book is the essential desk companion, gift, or reference volume for a vast array of readers: wordsmiths, puzzle lovers, teachers, students, librarians, and armchair linguists will all find One-Letter Words, a Dictionary a must-have.

  • The Fall of the Asante Empire

    The Fall of the Asante Empire
    Robert B. Edgerton

    For the first time, anthropologist Robert Edgerton tells the story of the Hundred-Year War—from 1807 to 1900, between the British Empire and the Asante Kingdom—from the Asante point of view.

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