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  • Pornography and the Justices

    Pornography and the Justices
    Richard F. Hixson

    As long as the government does not discriminate against specific points of view and as long as there is ample protection of minors and nonconsenting adults, Hixson argues that the private collection of pornography is up to the individual.

  • Beyond Tolerance

    Beyond Tolerance
    Philip Jenkins

    As the last generation of witnesses to the Holocaust testify to its horrors, tehy must also testify to its heroes – those who risked all to safe lives. These movingly told stories restore our faith in the human spirit.

  • How to Fail Miserably at Dirty Words

    How to Fail Miserably at Dirty Words
    Giselle Renarde

    In this collection of short musings from the erotic writers’ blog Oh Get a Grip, Giselle treats readers to a veritable smorgasbord of anecdotes about the ins and outs of writing erotic fiction.

  • RAS CAT The College Years

    RAS CAT: The College Years
    Cam Rascoe

    Mr. Rascoe continues to push boundaries, offering compelling characters in the most poignant of tales. Detailed narration, painting vivid pictures makes this book a real page turner.

  • Intercourse

    Andrea Dworkin

    Intercourse is a book that moves through the sexed world of dominance and submission.

  • Who Is Bob_34

    Who Is Bob_34?
    Francis Fortin, Patrice Corriveau

    Who Is Bob_34? sheds light on the clandestine world of online child pornography and pedophilia.

  • Sex Outside the Lines

    Sex Outside the Lines
    Chris Donaghue

    What's wrong is that we've defined this as ?normal,” which makes most of us ?abnormal.” In Sex Outside the Lines, Dr. Chris Donaghue describes the holes in society's definition of ?normal,” taking a sharp eye to institutions such as …

  • Through the keyhole

    Through the keyhole
    Marcela Iacub, Vinay Swamy

    Through an analysis that blends the law, architecture, literature and psychiatry, this book tells the story of public decency.

  • Perversion for Profit

    Perversion for Profit
    Whitney Strub

    Perversion for Profit traces the crucial function of pornography in constructing the New Right agenda, which has emphasized social issues over racial and economic inequality.

  • VCR Love

    VCR Love
    David Lawson

    Using stories both personal and universal VCR Love explores, lampoons, questions and celebrates how contemporary technology has changed porn. "genuinely amusing, illuminating, almost wholesome.

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