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  • Una montagna di briciole

    Una montagna di briciole
    Elena Gorokhova

  • AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty

    AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty
    Eileen Stillwaggon

    AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty combines the insights of economics and biology to explain the spread of HIV/AIDS and deliver a telling critique of AIDS policy.

  • Opciones y Propuestas Estratà gicas para la Superacià n de la Pobreza y Precariedad Urbana en Amà rica Latina y el Caribe

    Opciones y Propuestas Estratégicas para la Superación de la Pobreza y Precariedad Urbana en América Latina y el Caribe
    United Nations

    El objetivo principal de la presente publicación es dar a conocer y difundir en la Región, las experiencias de casos concretos de opciones en materia de política publica que se han implementado o se están implementando actualmente en …

  • Catching a Case

    Catching a Case
    Tina Lee

    But as Tina Lee shows in Catching a Case, most child welfare cases revolve around often ill-founded charges of neglect, and the parents swept into the system are generally struggling but loving, fighting to raise their children in the face …

  • Abandoned Families

    Abandoned Families
    Kristin S. Seefeldt

    But in Abandoned Families, social policy expert Kristin Seefeldt shows how many working families have access only to a separate but unequal set of poor-quality jobs, low-performing schools, and declining housing markets which offer few …

  • Hand to Mouth

    Hand to Mouth
    Linda Tirado

    One of the Best 5 Books of 2014 — Esquire "I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time.

  • Poverty and Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Poverty and Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Quentin Wodon, Robert L. Ayres

    The framework identifies three essential elements for poverty reduction. Those elements include opportunities for the poor and investments in the human capital of the poor, security through social safety nets, and empowerment.

  • Women and Housing

    Women and Housing
    Patricia Kennett, Kam Wah Chan

    This collection explores the housing circumstances of women in developed and emerging societies in Europe, USA and East Asia, at a time of substantial economic and social change.

  • Donnà es de base sur la pauvretà au Canada 1979

    Données de base sur la pauvreté au Canada, 1979
    Donald Caskie

    The Fact Book on Poverty clearly indicates certain groups in our society are especially vulnerable to poverty. They include the old, the long-term unemployed, and female heads of households.

  • Home A Very Short Introduction

    Home: A Very Short Introduction
    Michael Allen Fox

    ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly.

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