Books in category Social Science – Poverty & Homelessness

  • Containing the Poor

    Containing the Poor
    Silvia Marina Arrom

    "This is a major exploration of welfare policy in Mexico that has the extra virtue of crossing the colonial/national divide. The research is impeccable: deep, careful, convincing.

  • Savings for the Poor

    Savings for the Poor
    Michael A. Stegman

    Although cost-cutting is the driving force behind the move to a virtually all-electronic federal payment system, Michael Stegman believes the initiative has a far broader potential: to bring poor Americans into the banking mainstream.

  • Decolonizing Literacy

    Decolonizing Literacy
    Gregorio Hernandez-Zamora

    Drawing from case studies of flesh and blood individuals in Mexico and the U.S., this book questions the colonizing images of the “illiterate”, and explores the ways in which the long social history of conquest and colonization, plunder …

  • Social Treatment

    Social Treatment
    James K. Whittaker, Elizabeth M. Tracy

    The book has two principal purposes: To provide an introduction to interpersonal helping in the context of social work practice, and to develop a conceptual framework for interpersonal helping –called social treatment–that will enable the …

  • Pauta Metodologica De Evaluacion De Impacto Ex ante Y Ex post De Programas Sociales De Lucha Contra La Pobreza

    Pauta Metodologica De Evaluacion De Impacto Ex-ante Y Ex-post De Programas Sociales De Lucha Contra La Pobreza
    United Nations

  • Reclaiming Social Policy

    Reclaiming Social Policy
    Arjan de Haan

    This book re-evaluates the importance of social policies in shaping well-being and combating exclusion, and enhances understanding of how these policies are formed in a globalizing world.

  • Drugging the Poor

    Drugging the Poor
    Merrill Singer

    Drugging the Poor actively challenges the assumption that how things are is how they always have been or how they need to be.

  • The Governance of Energy in China

    The Governance of Energy in China
    P. Andrews-Speed

    This book analyses the nature of energy governance in China by combining ideas relating to transition management with institutionalist theories, which helps to identify factors which assist or constrain the country's path to a low-carbon …

  • The Political Economy of Microfinance

    The Political Economy of Microfinance
    Philip Mader

    This book raises fundamental concerns about this widely-celebrated tool for social development.

  • A Mind Shaped by Poverty

    A Mind Shaped by Poverty
    Regenia Rawlinson

    In the essential guide A Mind Shaped by Poverty: Ten Things Educators Should Know, educator Regenia Rawlinson shares a comprehensive look at how poverty affects academic success and what educators can do to solve the problem.

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