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  • Food Aid for Development

    Food Aid for Development
    Gerda Blau, Mordecai Ezekiel, Binay Ranjan Sen

    Finding and recomendations of the seventh session of the FAO Conference; The meaning of "surplus"; Methods of surplus disposal.

  • Poverty Reform in Canada 1958 1978

    Poverty Reform in Canada, 1958-1978
    Rodney S. Haddow

    Rodney Haddow explains and compares the Canada Assistance Plan (CAP) and the Social Security Review, the two most extensive attempts by the federal government to reform Canadian poverty policy during the postwar era.

  • AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty

    AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty
    Eileen Stillwaggon

    AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty combines the insights of economics and biology to explain the spread of HIV/AIDS and deliver a telling critique of AIDS policy.

  • Con techo y sin hogar

    Con techo y sin hogar
    Marta Plujà i Calderón

    Desde los diferentes puntos de atención de Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona, se constata cómo la vivienda, según su nivel de precariedad, marca el bienestar de las personas y puede llegar a condicionar su calidad de vida en el futuro.

  • La scatola rossa

    La scatola rossa
    Florence Aubenas

  • Adaptation Poverty and Development

    Adaptation, Poverty and Development
    D. Clark

    The first book to examine in detail the ways in which people adapt their understanding and behaviours towards poverty as a direct result to their experiences of poverty in developing countries, including world-leading academics and case …

  • Decentralization for Satisfying Basic Needs 2nd Edition

    Decentralization for Satisfying Basic Needs 2nd Edition
    J. Michael McGuire

    Throughout the book, tables and references have been updated.

  • Donn es de base sur la pauvret au Canada 1979

    Données de base sur la pauvreté au Canada, 1979
    Donald Caskie

    The Fact Book on Poverty clearly indicates certain groups in our society are especially vulnerable to poverty. They include the old, the long-term unemployed, and female heads of households.

  • So Rich So Poor

    So Rich, So Poor
    Peter Edelman

    In a timely new introduction, Edelman discusses the significance of Obama’s reelection—including the rediscovery of the word “poverty”—as well as the continuing attack on the poor from the right. “Engaging and informative” …

  • Voices from the Global Margin

    Voices from the Global Margin
    William P. Mitchell

    Mitchell's long experience as an anthropologist living with the people he writes about allows him to put the stories in context, helping readers understand the impact of the larger world on individuals and their communities.

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