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  • Moving Out of Poverty

    Moving Out of Poverty
    Deepa Narayan, Patti Petesch

    If you wish to preorder this title please complete our order form and fax it to +1-703-661-1501. This book brings together the latest thinking about poverty dynamics from diverse analytic traditions.

  • Austerity Bites

    Austerity Bites
    Mary O’Hara

    This timely book by journalist Mary O'Hara chronicles the real-world effects of austerity, removing it from the bland, technocratic language of politics and showing just what austerity means to ordinary lives.

  • Slum Tourism

    Slum Tourism
    Fabian Frenzel, Ko Koens, Malte Steinbrink

    This edition provides the first systematic overview of the field and the diverse issues connected to slum tourism. This multidisciplinary collection is unique both in its conceptual and empirical breadth.

  • We Are Poor but So Many

    We Are Poor but So Many
    Ela R. Bhatt

    This volume is unique in that it will elaborate the specific experience and knowledge of Ela Bhatt in her and SEWA's journey and provide insights and knowledge that no outside researcher would ever be in a position to replicate.

  • Pathways Out of Poverty Private Firms and Economic Mobility in Volume 296

    Pathways Out of Poverty: Private Firms and Economic Mobility in …, Volume 296
    Gary S. Fields, Guy Pierre Pfeffermann

    How private firms contribute to economic mobility and poverty reduction and what governments can do to enhance their contributions is the theme of this book.

  • Lost from View

    Lost from View
    Nina Biehal, Fiona Mitchell, Jim Wade

    Lost from view presents findings from a study of missing persons yet undertaken in the UK. It provides information on the motivations and circumstances of both missing adults and children and draws directly on the views and experiences of …

  • The Political Economy of Microfinance

    The Political Economy of Microfinance
    Philip Mader

    This book raises fundamental concerns about this widely-celebrated tool for social development.

  • A Mind Shaped by Poverty

    A Mind Shaped by Poverty
    Regenia Rawlinson

    In the essential guide A Mind Shaped by Poverty: Ten Things Educators Should Know, educator Regenia Rawlinson shares a comprehensive look at how poverty affects academic success and what educators can do to solve the problem.

  • The Classic Slum

    The Classic Slum
    Robert Roberts

    A study which combines personal reminiscences with careful historical research, the myth of the 'good old days' is summarily dispensed with; Robert Roberts describes the period of his childhood, when the main affect of poverty in Edwardian …

  • Dixie s Forgotten People

    Dixie’s Forgotten People
    Wayne Flynt

    Written 25 years ago, this book was one scholar's attempt to understand these people and their culture. For this new edition, Wayne Flynt has provided a new retrospective introduction and an up-to-date bibliography.

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