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  • Crucible of Freedom

    Crucible of Freedom
    Eric Leif Davin

    This book explores the relation between democracy and industrialization in United States history.

  • Human Thought and Social Organization

    Human Thought and Social Organization
    Murray J. Leaf, Dwight Read

    The view taken in Human Thought and Social Organization: Anthropology on a New Plane is that these are intimately interconnected.

  • Group Behaviour and Development

    Group Behaviour and Development
    Judith Heyer, Frances Stewart, Rosemary Thorp

    The text covers groups that perform three types of function: overcoming market failures (for example, producer organizations); improving the position of their members (for example, Trade Unions), and distributing resources to the less well …

  • The End of Class Politics

    The End of Class Politics?
    Geoffrey Evans

    Instead, the book argues that the class basis of political competition has to some degree evolved, but not declined.

  • Informe de la Junta Internacional de Fiscalizacià n de Estupefacientes Correspondiente A 2006

    Informe de la Junta Internacional de Fiscalización de Estupefacientes Correspondiente A 2006
    United Nations

  • Third Wave Capitalism

    Third Wave Capitalism
    John Ehrenreich

    In Third Wave Capitalism, John Ehrenreich documents the emergence of a new stage in the history of American capitalism.

  • What Else But Home

    What Else But Home
    Michael Rosen

    The boys began to see the Rosens as more than just an arcade of middle-class creature comforts; the Rosens began to learn the full stories of the boys’ fractured lives.

  • Stepping Stones

    Stepping Stones
    Staughton Lynd, Alice Lynd

    Stepping Stones is a joint memoir by two longtime participants in movements for social change in the United States.

  • Neoconomy

    Daniel Altman

    In Neoconomy Daniel Altman explains the intellectual roots of the Bush administration's economic policy; and why Bush has been so intent on implementing it despite the dashed expectations, terror and financial scandals that have buffeted …

  • Philanthropy in England 1480 1660 A Study of the Changing Volume 1

    Philanthropy in England, 1480 – 1660: A Study of the Changing …, Volume 1
    W. K. Jordan

    The author records in this voluma a great and enduring historical achievement; he records as well the triumph of the secular preoccupations of mankind. This book was first published in 1959.

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