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  • Class Construction

    Class Construction
    Carrie Freie

    Class Construction: White Working-Class Student Identity in the New Millennium explores the identity development of a group of white working-class high school students in a de-industrialized area of the Northeast.

  • Dressing Constitutionally

    Dressing Constitutionally
    Ruthann Robson

    This book examines the rights to expression and equality, and the restraints on government power, as they both limit and allow control of our personal choices.

  • The English Peasantry and the Growth of Lordship

    The English Peasantry and the Growth of Lordship
    Rosamond Faith

    Drawing on work in archaeology and landscape studies, as well as on documentary sources, the book describes a fundamental division within the peasantry: that between the very dependent tenants and agricultural workers on the "inland" of the …

  • Exploring the Urban Past

    Exploring the Urban Past
    Harold James Dyos, H. J. Dyos, David Cannadine, David Reeder

    In part, this was due to the work of the late H. J. Dyos. This book brings together some of Dyos's most important and influential essays, written over nearly thirty years.

  • A Model Mother Family Policy and Childrearing in Post Devolution Scotland

    A Model Mother? Family Policy and Childrearing in Post-Devolution Scotland
    Tania Wood

    This book explores childrearing approach as one of the prime sites of the reproduction of social inequality.

  • Gentrification A Working Class Perspective

    Gentrification: A Working-Class Perspective
    Dr Kirsteen Paton

    This book reconnects class and the urban through an ethnographically detailed analysis of a neighbourhood undergoing gentrification which historicises class formation, critiques policy processes and offers a new sociological insight into …

  • The Sex of Class

    The Sex of Class
    Dorothy Sue Cobble

    This book is about how the sex of workers matters in understanding the jobs they do, the problems they face at work, and the new labor movements they are creating in the United States and globally.

  • Beyond Sixty Five

    Beyond Sixty-Five
    Carole Haber

    This book investigates the changing roles and perceptions of old age in nineteenth-century America.

  • Putting Social Movements in Their Place

    Putting Social Movements in Their Place
    Doug McAdam, Hilary Boudet

    This book reports the results of a comparative study of twenty communities earmarked for environmentally risky energy projects.

  • A Living Wage

    A Living Wage
    Lawrence B. Glickman

    The labor movement's response to wages shows how American workers negotiated the transition from artisan to consumer, opening up new political possibilities for organized workers and creating contradictions that continue to haunt the labor …

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