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  • Cyberprotest

    Wim B. H. J. van de Donk

    Cyberprotestexplores the effects of the synergy between ICTs and people power, analyzing the implications for politics and social policy at both a national and a global level.

  • China s Urban Transition

    China’s Urban Transition
    John Friedmann

    A timely and thorough analysis of the rapid urban growth in China.

  • The Ideal Foundations of Economic Thought

    The Ideal Foundations of Economic Thought
    Werner Stark

    Published in 1998, The Ideal Foundations of Economic Thought is a valuable contribution to the field of Sociology & Social Policy.

  • Samuel Beckett

    Samuel Beckett
    Angela B. Moorjani, Carola Veit

    – The magic triangle: James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Arno Schmidt (Friedhelm Rathjen). – Beckett performed in Italy (Annamaria Cascetta). – Beckett and synaesthesia (Yoshiki Tajiri). – Beckett versus the reader (Michael Guest).

  • Schl├ sselwerke der Cultural Studies

    Schl├╝sselwerke der Cultural Studies
    Andreas Hepp, Friedrich Krotz, Tanja Thomas

    Auf diese Weise er├Âffnet das Buch 'Schl├╝sselwerke der Cultural Studies' einen umfassenden Einstieg in diesen aktuellen und kritischen Zugang der Medien-, Kommunikations- und Kulturforschung.

  • New Roots for Agriculture

    New Roots for Agriculture
    Wes Jackson

    "The plowshare may well have destroyed more options for future generations than the sword," writes Wes Jackson in a review of practices that have brought U.S. agriculture to the edge of disaster.

  • Living the Global City

    Living the Global City
    John Eade

    By advancing the debates which surround these issues through a redefinition of the terms in which they have been developed and engagement with the everyday lives of people in a global city, this book reveals how such key concepts as …

  • Foucault Health and Medicine

    Foucault, Health and Medicine
    Alan R. Petersen, Robin Bunton

    This book assesses the contribution of Foucault's work to research and thinking in the area of health and medicine, and shows how key researchers in the sociology of health and illness are currently engaging with his ideas.

  • Feminist Review

    Feminist Review
    The Feminist Review Collective,

    This Special Issue of Feminist Review maps the field of contemporary lesbian politics and culture and highlights lesbians' special contribution to debates at the heart of feminism.

  • Music in Everyday Life

    Music in Everyday Life
    Tia DeNora

    The power of music to influence mood, create scenes, routines and occasions is widely recognised and this is reflected in a strand of social theory from Plato to Adorno that portrays music as an influence on character, social structure and …

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