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  • The Neoliberal City

    The Neoliberal City
    Jason Hackworth

    In The Neoliberal City, Jason Hackworth argues that neoliberal policies are in fact having a profound effect on the nature and direction of urbanization in the United States and other wealthy countries, and that much can be learned from …

  • Ways of Being Ethnic in Southwest China

    Ways of Being Ethnic in Southwest China
    Stevan Harrell

    These are followed by a synthesis that compares different configurations of ethnic identity in different communities and discusses the implications of these examples for our understanding of ethnicity and for the near future of China.

  • Secular Cycles

    Secular Cycles
    Peter Turchin, Sergey A. Nefedov

    The graphs present the data in a fashion that will be clear to any audience, and the text is straightforward and persuasive. This book carries the study of historical dynamics to a whole new level.

  • Folgen und Effektivit√ t des Strafvollzugs Ma√ nahmen der Diversion Bew√ hrungshilfe

    Folgen und Effektivität des Strafvollzugs РMaßnahmen der Diversion, Bewährungshilfe
    Stefan Senkel

    1.0 Einleitung Kriminalität und die Folgen von Kriminalität stellen in Deutschland eine wachsende Problematik dar, mit der sich nicht nur die Justiz, sondern auch die Politik und die Gesellschaft auseinander zu setzen hat.

  • Infamous Desire

    Infamous Desire
    Pete Sigal

    Providing comprehensive analyses of how male homosexualities were represented in areas under Portuguese and Spanish control, Infamous Desire is the first book-length attempt to answer such questions.

  • Is Breast Best

    Is Breast Best?
    Joan B. Wolf

    The nature of the work we do and the conditions under which we do it profoundly shape our lives. And yet, both of these factors are peripheral to mainstream economics.

  • Rumor Mills

    Rumor Mills
    Gary Alan Fine, Véronique Campion-Vincent, Chip Heath

    The goal of this volume is to explore the social and political dynamics of rumor and the related concept of urban or contemporary legend.

  • Les usages politiques du football

    Les usages politiques du football
    André Gounot, Denis Jallat, Michel Koebel

    L'instrumentalisation politique du sport trouve dans le football une illustration de choix.

  • Internet Society

    Internet Society
    Maria Bakardjieva

    Drawing on an original study of non-professional, 'ordinary' users at home, this book examines how people interpret, domesticate, and creatively appropriate the Internet by integrating it into the projects and activities of their everyday …

  • Rethinking Unequal Exchange

    Rethinking Unequal Exchange
    Salimah Valiani

    Rethinking Unequal Exchange traces the structural forces that have created the conditions for the increasing use, production, and circulation of temporary migrant nurses worldwide.

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