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  • An Ecofeminist Perspective on Ash Wednesday and Lent

    An Ecofeminist Perspective on Ash Wednesday and Lent
    Sylvia A. Sweeney

    Building on David Tracy's definition of a religious classic, it includes a historical examination of the development of Lent and the Ash Wednesday rites beginning from wellsprings in the early church traditions of penance, catechumenal …

  • Sociologie Et Religions

    Sociologie Et Religions
    Liliane Voyé, Jaak Billiet

    What is the religious? This question, which until recently was considered impertinent, informs this book throughout.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Millennialism

    The Oxford Handbook of Millennialism
    Catherine Wessinger, REV H James Yamauchi S J Professor of the History of Religions Catherine Wessinger

    Sometimes, millennial expectations are expressed in peaceful ways. Other times, millennialists become involved in violence. The Oxford Handbook of Millennialism begins with a section that examines four primary types of millennialism.

  • Cronaca di Roma Volume quarto 1859 1861

    Cronaca di Roma. Volume quarto 1859-1861
    Domenico Maria Bruni, Nicola Roncalli

    Il metodo scelto da Roncalli nel redigere i suoi polizzini – riportare non solo i fatti, ma in primo luogo i temi all'ordine del giorno nelle conversazioni dei romani – permette di avvicinarsi alla comprensione di quella che fu la reale …

  • Catholic Social Thought

    Catholic Social Thought
    Anthony J. Blasi, Paul D. Sullins

    Some operate from a standard of magisterial assent in conformity with Ad Tuendam Fidam, others do not. Together, the essays represent the range of Catholic thinking on social issues in the American Church today.

  • Deeper Shades of Purple

    Deeper Shades of Purple
    Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas

    Consisting of documents unavailable to the general public, and others in danger of being lost altogether, this panoramic collection is organized around the key issues of sex and sexuality, race, children, lesbianism, separatism, and class.

  • Modernity and Religion

    Modernity and Religion
    William Nicholls

    These are the kinds of concerns the interdisciplinary group of scholars addresses in this volume.

  • The Future of Christianity

    The Future of Christianity
    David Martin

    The Future of Christianity offers a mature assessment of themes preoccupying David Martin over some fifty years, and acts as a complement to his earlier volume, On Secularization.

  • No Partiality

    No Partiality
    Douglas R. Sharp

    Douglas Sharp explores the theoretical constructions of race, including its psychological, sociopolitical and socioeconomic dimensions. Finally Sharp carefully weaves a theological model of racial reconciliation for a new humanity.

  • The Religions of Canadians

    The Religions of Canadians
    Jamie S Scott

    The Religions of Canadians is a book about religions and the making of Canada.

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