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  • Violence in Canada

    Violence in Canada
    Jeffrey Ian Ross

    Violence in Canada highlights from an interdisciplinary perspective the major areas and contexts where violence takes place. Consisting of thirteen contributions, the book forms an indispensable guide to the subject.

  • Suffering Childhood in Early America

    Suffering Childhood in Early America
    Anna Mae Duane

    Drawing on a wide range of early American writing, she explores how the figure of a suffering child accrued political weight as the work of infantilization connected the child to Native Americans, slaves, and women.

  • The Theatre of Genocide

    The Theatre of Genocide
    Robert Skloot

    In this pioneering volume, Robert Skloot brings together four plays—three of which are published here for the first time—that fearlessly explore the face of modern genocide.

  • The Geography of Ethnic Violence

    The Geography of Ethnic Violence
    Monica Duffy Toft

    Clearly written and rigorously documented, this book represents a major contribution to an ongoing debate that spans a range of disciplines including international relations, comparative politics, sociology, and history.

  • Shattered Innocence

    Shattered Innocence
    Robert Scott

    With police and psychologist testimony, this book shows how Garrido managed to get out of a 50-year prison sentence—to shatter the innocence of Jaycee Lee Dugard forever. . . Includes 16 pages of photos

  • The Sacred Ego

    The Sacred Ego
    Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D.

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Revolutionary Currents

    Revolutionary Currents
    Michael A. Morrison, Melinda S. Zook

    So she must persuade them–and Adam Barr, her grandfather's envoy–that she'd make a thoroughly unsuitable wife. Adam isn't convinced. Regina might be unconventional, but she has wit, spirit and warmth.

  • Tactical Rape in War and Conflict

    Tactical Rape in War and Conflict
    Brenda Fitzpatrick

    This is the first book to analyse the use of rape as a tactic of war and international progress away from tacit acceptance to active rejection of this violation of international law.

  • Civilized Violence

    Civilized Violence
    Dr David Hansen-Miller

    Civilized Violence provides a social and historical explanation for the popular appeal of cinema violence.

  • Conflict and Communication

    Conflict and Communication
    Daniel Shapiro, Lisa Pilsitz, Susan Shapiro

    The book is divided into two parts: Conflict Management and Student Mediation.

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