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  • Cities Nationalism and Democratization

    Cities, Nationalism and Democratization
    Scott A. Bollens

    This book will be helpful to scholars, international organizations, and grassroots organizations in understanding why and how the peace-constitutive city emerges in some cases while it is misplaced and neglected in others.

  • Lethal Force

    Lethal Force
    The Washington Post

    And its call to reform is being heeded. This groundbreaking book will radically alter how you view confrontation and accountability within the ranks, and offer a new perspective going forward.

  • Valutare i Fondi Paritetici interprofessionali per la formazione continua Il Conto di Sistema Fondimpresa in Lombardia dal 2007 al 2010

    Valutare i Fondi Paritetici interprofessionali per la formazione continua. Il Conto di Sistema Fondimpresa in Lombardia dal 2007 al 2010
    Ivana Pais


  • Zones of Peace

    Zones of Peace
    Landon E. Hancock, Christopher Roger Mitchell

    The authors of this collection examine sanctuary as it relates to historical and modern conflicts from the Philippines to Colombia and Sudan.

  • Rape on Prime Time

    Rape on Prime Time
    Lisa M. Cuklanz

    Depictions of rape on television have evolved dramatically, from hard-boiled stories about male detectives to more insightful shows focusing on rape victims. Rape on Prime Time is the first book to examine those changing depictions of rape.

  • That Mad Game

    That Mad Game
    J.L. Powers

    From the cartel-terrorized streets of Juárez to the bombed-out cities of Bosnia to Afghanistan under the Taliban, from Nazi-occupied Holland to the middle-class American home of a Vietnam vet, this collection of personal and narrative …

  • Debating Gun Control

    Debating Gun Control
    David DeGrazia, Lester H. Hunt

    In this volume, David DeGrazia and Lester Hunt examine this policy question primarily from the standpoint of ethics: What would morally defensible gun policy in the United States look like?

  • Imperial Affects

    Imperial Affects
    Jonna Eagle

    Imperial Affects is the first sustained account of American action-based cinema as melodrama.

  • Legends Monsters or Serial Murderers The Real Story Behind an Ancient Crime

    Legends, Monsters, or Serial Murderers? The Real Story Behind an Ancient Crime
    Dirk C. Gibson

    Covering figures ranging from Catherine Monvoisin to Vlad the Impaler, and describing murders committed in ancient aristocracies to those attributed to vampires, witches, and werewolves, this book documents the historic reality of serial …

  • Rage and Resistance

    Rage and Resistance
    Theresa O’Donovan

    "A practical exercise in Canadian contextual theology, Rage and Resistance analyzes responses to a tragic historical event by engaging with the work of theologian Gregory Baum and sociologist Dorothy E. Smith.

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