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  • The Sex of Class

    The Sex of Class
    Dorothy Sue Cobble

    This book is about how the sex of workers matters in understanding the jobs they do, the problems they face at work, and the new labor movements they are creating in the United States and globally.

  • Marital Violence

    Marital Violence
    Elizabeth Foyster

    This book exposes the 'hidden' history of marital violence and explores its place in English family life between the Restoration and the mid-nineteenth century.

  • Women and Cancer

    Women and Cancer
    Steven D. Stellman

    This important book brings together, for the first time, an in-depth examination of the major scientific and social aspects of women and cancer–the second leading cause of death among American women.

  • Girlhood

    Jennifer Helgren, Colleen Vasconcellos

    Girlhood, interdisciplinary and global in source, scope, and methodology, examines the centrality of girlhood in shaping women's lives.

  • The Oxford Handbook of U S Women s Social Movement Activism

    The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Women’s Social Movement Activism
    Holly J. McCammon, Verta Taylor, Jo Reger, Rachel L. Einwohner

    The chapters in the handbook consider women's activism in the interest of women themselves as well as actions done on behalf of other social groups. The volume is organized into five sections.

  • The Pure Food Drink and Drug Crusaders 1879 1914

    The Pure Food, Drink, and Drug Crusaders, 1879-1914
    Lorine Swainston Goodwin

    Based in large part on primary sources, this work examines the many groups involved in the passage of the Pure Food and Drink Law and how their work affected American society.

  • Hijab and the Republic

    Hijab and the Republic
    Bronwyn Winter

    A riveting account of the controversial 2004 French law to ban Islamic headscarves and other religious signs from public schools..

  • Women Elections and Representation

    Women, Elections, and Representation
    Robert Darcy

    Women, Elections, and Representation is an extensively revised and expanded edition of a successful text that provides a thorough and up-to-date account of research on women and politics.

  • Bad Mothers

    “Bad” Mothers
    Molly Ladd-Taylor, Lauri Umansky

    The Deepest South tells the disturbing story of how U.S. nationals – before and after Emancipation — continued to actively participate in this odious commerce by creating diplomatic, social, and political ties with Brazil, which today has …

  • When Protest Makes Policy

    When Protest Makes Policy
    Laurel Weldon

    Do social movements lead to more inclusive democracy or to a more polarized, fragmented, elite-dominated polity?

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