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  • With All Our Strength

    With All Our Strength
    Anne E. Brodsky

    With All Our Strength is the inside story of this women-led underground organization and their fight for the rights of Afghan women.

  • Women s Legal Strategies in Canada

    Women’s Legal Strategies in Canada
    Radha Jhappan

    Using liberal feminist, postmodern, critical, race, and queer theory, these essays confront the anti-rights critiques of the legal Left regarding the use of law in general and the Charter in particular.

  • Lavorare a Cosenza vincoli e opportunità Analisi dei fabbisogni formativi professionali e orientativi

    Lavorare a Cosenza: vincoli e opportunità. Analisi dei fabbisogni formativi, professionali e orientativi
    AA. VV.


  • Battle Cries and Lullabies

    Battle Cries and Lullabies
    Linda Grant De Pauw

    In this groundbreaking work, which covers thousands of years and spans the globe, Linda Grant De Pauw depicts women as victims and as warriors; as nurses, spies, sex workers, and wives and mothers of soldiers; as warrior queens leading …

  • The Girl and the Game

    The Girl and the Game
    M. Ann Hall

    In the second edition of this groundbreaking social history, M. Ann Hall begins with an important new chapter on Aboriginal women and early sport and ends with a new chapter tying today's trends and issues in Canadian women's sport to their …

  • Caring For caring about

    Caring For/caring about
    Karen Ruth Grant

    Caring For/Caring About explores the complex nature of caring in Canadian society today by examining current research on women, home care, and unpaid caregiving.

  • Japan the Childless Society

    Japan, the Childless Society?
    Muriel Jolivet

    Japan: The Childless Society explores the major factors contributing to maternal malaise in Japan including: * the 'Ten Commandments of the Good Mother' * the changing role of the father * education and careers * nostalgia from older …

  • The Pure Food Drink and Drug Crusaders 1879 1914

    The Pure Food, Drink, and Drug Crusaders, 1879-1914
    Lorine Swainston Goodwin

    Based in large part on primary sources, this work examines the many groups involved in the passage of the Pure Food and Drink Law and how their work affected American society.

  • Peace as a Women s Issue

    Peace as a Women’s Issue
    Harriet Hyman Alonso

  • Women Elections and Representation

    Women, Elections, and Representation
    Robert Darcy

    Women, Elections, and Representation is an extensively revised and expanded edition of a successful text that provides a thorough and up-to-date account of research on women and politics.

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