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    人工衛星製作は、専門機関だけでしか行えないものではありません。本書は、実際に超小型人工衛星を製作し、宇宙に打ち上げ、宇宙で運用している著者が、超小型人工衛星開発 …

  • Aerodynamics

    Theodore Von Kármán

    Charming, reader-friendly chronicle by a famous pioneer in aerodynamic research traces the development of dynamic flight from the time of Newton through the 20th century.

  • Diagnosis

    Pat Croskerry, Karen Cosby, Mark L. Graber, Hardeep Singh

    Despite diagnosis being the key feature of a physician's clinical performance, this is the first book that deals specifically with the topic.

  • Short Wave Solar Radiation in the Earth s Atmosphere

    Short-Wave Solar Radiation in the Earth’s Atmosphere
    Irina N. Melnikova, Alexander V. Vasilyev

    Based on data from an experiment which ran for ten years, this book summarizes the results of the Atmospheric Physics Department of the St. Petersburg University and the Main Geophysical Observatory.

  • Computational Aeroacoustics

    Computational Aeroacoustics
    Christopher K. W. Tam

    Both a textbook for graduate students with exercises and a reference with code for researchers in computational aeroacoustics (CAA).

  • Human Spaceflight and Exploration

    Human Spaceflight and Exploration
    Carol Norberg

    The book presents a unique overview of activities in human spaceflight and exploration and a discussion of future development possibilities.

  • Foundations of Gas Dynamics

    Foundations of Gas Dynamics
    Ruey-Hung Chen

    This reference includes an applications focus on jet and rocket propulsion systems that will be useful for students and engineers.

  • Wireless Sensor and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Wireless Sensor and Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
    Driss Benhaddou, Ala Al-Fuqaha

    This book also: · Discusses how multidisciplinary fields can be implemented in a single application · Reviews exhaustively the state-of-the-art research in WSN for space and vehicular applications · Covers smart systems that have self …

  • Polymer Composites in the Aerospace Industry

    Polymer Composites in the Aerospace Industry
    Phil E, Costas Soutis

    Edited by two leading authorities in the field, this book summarises key recent research on design, manufacture and performance of composite components for aerospace structures.

  • The Space Barons

    The Space Barons
    Christian Davenport

    The historic quest to rekindle the human exploration and colonization of space led by two rivals and their vast fortunes, egos, and visions of space as the next entrepreneurial frontier The Space Barons is the story of a group of …

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