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  • European Aeronautics

    European Aeronautics
    Javier Alfonso-Gil

    The book covers both the analysis of the major producer of civil aircraft (EADS/Airbus) located in the region and its relation with the cluster of enterprises within those regions.

  • Car Troubles

    Car Troubles
    Dr Arlene Tigar McLaren, Dr Jim Conley

    With an international team of contributors the book provides a coherent and comprehensive analysis of the global phenomenon of automobility from the Anglo world to the cases in China and Chile and all the elements that relate to it.

  • A Practical Approach to Robustness Analysis with Aeronautical Applications

    A Practical Approach to Robustness Analysis with Aeronautical Applications
    Gilles Ferreres

    This is e.g. the case in aeronautical systems: as an example, the ae- dynamic model of an airplane is derived from the flight mechanics eq- tions.

  • Wind Energy

    Wind Energy
    Joachim Peinke, Peter Schaumann, Stephan Barth

    This book comprises reports on basic research, as well as research related to the practical exploitation and application of wind energy.

  • Understanding Automotive Electronics

    Understanding Automotive Electronics
    William B. Ribbens, Norman P. Mansour

    Thoroughly updated throughout, this new edition moves away from introductory mechanic-level electronics to cover hot topics such as transmission control, hybrid control, AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) and vehicle networks.

  • Shock Waves 26th International Symposium on Shock Waves Volume 1

    Shock Waves: 26th International Symposium on Shock Waves, Volume 1
    Klaus Hannemann, Friedrich Seiler

    The two volumes contain the papers presented at the symposium and serve as a reference for the participants of the ISSW 26 and individuals interested in these fields.

  • Ingenious

    Jason Fagone

    Suspenseful and bighearted, this is the story of ordinary people risking failure, economic ruin, and ridicule to create something vital that Detroit had never pulled off.

  • Analog Circuit Design

    Analog Circuit Design
    Arthur van Roermund, Herman Casier, Michiel Steyaert

    Analog Circuit Design contains eighteen tutorials, reflecting the contributions of six experts, as presented at the 15th workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design (AACD).

  • Dynamical Analysis of Vehicle Systems

    Dynamical Analysis of Vehicle Systems
    W. Schiehlen

    This volume presents an integrated approach of the common fundamentals of rail and road vehicles based on multibody system dynamics, rolling wheel contact and control system design.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits

    Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits
    Sonia Ben Dhia, Mohamed Ramdani, Etienne Sicard

    Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits: Techniques for Low Emission and Susceptibility focuses on the electromagnetic compatibility of integrated circuits.

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